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The Best Sofa Design for your Home : Sofa Buying Guide

 beautiful living room sofa design

So, this young man reached out to me and Baid he wanted a sofa for his living room, after showing him a couple of designs he went back and forth in a confusion about what exactly he needed but he eventually settled for an L-shape. The struggle didn’t end there , so I went further to ask what his preferred colour was in order to work out a colour scheme for him, lol it looked like the question compounded the already brewing confusion but hey that’s the good thing about designing a bespoke sofa because you get to decide every aspect of it in order to get that picture-perfect sofa, that is why you should choose a customized sofa over a ready-made sofa. To cut the long story short, I just asked him to send a video of his living room in order to see the already existing colours and work with them in order to select sample fabrics for him to pick from and then ...problem solved.

What kind of sofa does your home need?

This is the question that comes to mind for most home movers or new homeowners. This might sound like it's not a big deal but thinking about the kind of sofa to purchase or the kind of sofa you need to design for your home may be a big deal because it’s about the most important investment you make for your living room and your sofa is also the largest piece of furniture in your living room as well as one of the basic livingroom must-haves. So ,you have to get it right in order to have a cohesive living room design. There are a number of things you need to consider when trying to get a new sofa you need to consider these few things before you make your first or next sofa purchase. 


  •  Available space, small wall, placement: there are some sofa designs you see and you tell yourself I must have this, maybe not immediately but it’s on your bucket list. There’s Nothing Wrong with wanting a sofa displayed in the showroom but have you considered the shape of your living room (is it rectangular, square, oval or even l-shaped), the size? Or How foot traffic will affect the placement, where the entrance door is and the door to other parts of the house? These are the first things to consider before you make any further move. This is also where measurement comes in, do you know how disheartening it will be for you to get a beautiful sofa off the showroom and it can’t even pass through your staircase, not to talk of your entrance and if it successfully goes through all that hurdle and gets into the living room it just covers the entire space because it’s too bulky. No one wants to go through all that stress when you can easily get it right from the onset.                                                                                                              
Here’s what to do whether you are getting a bespoke design or from the showroom;
  1. Measure your living room and mark where you likely want to have it placed.
  2. If you live upstairs especially in older buildings measure the width of the staircase to ensure it can go all the way up, newer buildings have larger stairways so it may not disturb your new sofa delivery.
  3. Then measure the entrance to your living room as well. With these details, you can confidently order a sofa set from anywhere in the world.
  •  Purpose (formal or casual): the kind of setting and ambience you want to create also determines the style you should select. You wouldn’t see a royal sofa in a young guy’s house, in his early or late 20’s who loves to play video games with his friends around, he’d likely go for a nice simple fabric sectional design to accommodate his lifestyle and personality, the sofa design can tell the easiness or seriousness of the room. If you want a classy formal living room you’d want to go with some high-end luxury sofa set, you know the type that you don’t just hop on, you walk in nicely, sit, cross your leg and act all put together if you know what I mean but there’s this other informal setting where you can start gisting from the door then jump on the chair and gist some more. This is not to say that one is better than the other but just be sure how you want to feel as well as your guests in your living room.
  • Price: now you know what can fit into your space but how much money can you spare for this project? Getting a good quality sofa is essential, you won’t want to be replacing it every year because it’s falling apart. Invest in a good sofa, if you can’t afford what’s in the showroom you can get a good bespoke design for whatever your budget is. Also, have it in mind that good genuine leather sofas are expensive and if you find the courage to bring out that chunk of money you’d be glad you did. you can use the leather sofa for up to 15years, cheap leathers will rock your world for at most 5 years and then just fade away. this is how to identify genuine leather.
  • Sectional or stand-alone choose a shape and style: your available space and purpose can help you decide what shape and style to go for. L-shape may look bulky but it is perfect for smaller living rooms because you get to use only a portion of the living room and have a lot of space for foot movement. L shape also encourages causal and informal seating, you can easily cosy up on an L-shape sofa compared to stand-alone, families can bond better with sectional sofa unlike single sofas that separates everyone and coupled with this new age phones and personal space that has drifted people apart, this further expands it. Sectionals also allow for more seating, so how many friends are you likely to have around? Do you have relatives who visit often? this will help you make a choice quick.
  • Pick a colour: I can’t overemphasize the importance of colour, I’ve talked about the colour selection in one of my YouTube videos, and also how to select a colour like a pro. If your colour game is bad your house will look like a clowns face, sorry to say but the confusion will be tormenting.  If you have existing colours in your living room work with them, pick a colour from the curtain or from your area rug ( shop for beautiful area rugs). if it’s a new space that you are trying to set up, select a colour scheme it will guide your colour selection.


   teal green beautiful sofa set

Some other things you need to consider is leather or fabric, do you have kids running around painting and colouring everything in their way, will there be spills on the sofa occasionally? what design are you going for? simple plain design or a tufted sofa design. A tufted sofa or button design is a classic old modern design. not all tufted design may have buttons, some may just have that depression looking-like holes without buttons, it can also be called a chesterfield sofa. This is a timeless design that never goes out of fashion so make sure whatever design or choose will still be fashionable in the near future. It’s very easy for crumbs and particles to hide in a tufted sofa so if you have younger kids,  this may not be a good selection yet except if you can adequately maintain it especially if it's a fabric design. 


These are just a few things to guide your sofa selection to help you get the best design for your living room without any hassles.    Eunicon furniture makes absolutely exquisite and affordable sofa sets, so reach out and request for your next sofa or simply shop on our website for home furniture.



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