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About Us

Beautifully designed living room


Eunicon is a fast-growing Nigerian company that provides interior designing services and affordable bespoke furniture designs for homes, hotels, offices, training/learning centers, and other facilities alike in Lagos State Nigeria.

Eunicon interior is one of the best interior design companies in Lagos Nigeria and we are proud to say all our clients have been satisfied with our product and service delivery, this has motivated us positively to strive for more creativity in our designs and output.

Eunicon specializes in interior design/ decor for homes, office interior design, as well as construction and renovation/remodelling and other commercial spaces.

Our dream is to leave a legacy, make EUNICON a household name in the interior and furniture industry, provide an avenue for more employment and job opportunities, and get people to appreciate and value interior design.

We also provide professional blue-collar services- "Hire and Artisan" where you can request a carpenter, interior designer, plumber, welder, and any kind of handyman near you in Lagos

Simple home office design


  • We offer interior design services
  • construction and renovation
  • Quality hard and soft furniture products and services .
  • We offer a round the clock customer care service.
  • Our goods and services are unique and innovative.
  • We also offer Nationwide delivery.
  • value for your money and budget furnishing
  • cheap furniture in Lagos

visit our online furniture store to view a wide range of products from home furniture /office furniture,outdoor / garden furniture, waste disposal bins,wall-arts and wallpapers etc. shop the range and have your items delivered to you same day within Lagos.



To give each client of Eunicon furniture and interior a quality service through reliability, integrity, innovation, speed and affordability. To build a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties and to be the one of the leading furniture and interior design company and brand in West Africa.

It is our mission to be the most sought-after indigenous furniture and interior designing company in Nigeria by promoting locally handmade furnishings and exquisitely beautiful interior designs at a competitively low price capable of competing with the global market.

we promise never to  compromise our standard and integrity. every customer is unique,important and integral to the growth and success of our company and we promise to treat as such.