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How to Make The Most of Your Small Bedroom Space

Everyone wants to live or move to the big cities and we know how expensive homes and housing costs in the metropolis,the low and middle class can't afford their dream house and are forced to living within their means which affords small apartment with small bedroom.

have you ever had a really small bedroom that you had to fit all your things into and you wonder how to make the most of your small bedroom space.Having a small bedroom is really nobody's dream but if you find yourself in that situation fear not.If you live or have lived in lagos nigeria you would have an idea what small rooms are like, well don't bother your head much because there are lots of things you can do to make that small space look really amazing. As always  i'd advise the use of dual purpose furniture whether you have a tiny or large space, it just kind of makes functionality and Aesthetics go together.

You know managing that small space can be worse when the room doesn't havea closet, an originally installed wardrobe or something that can substitute like a storage space, it's just a tiny space with cloths all over the place and the worst is if its a lady's room..Oh my!! lol... we know how we are with our clothes and the shoes and the bags  and the boxes haa.... and you are thinking how is everything going to fit in seriously how is that going to happen? I'm going to be a little particular about the ladies you know if it works for ladies then  guys are covered as well, I will outline a few things below pretty soon. Ladies will naturally want to show off their shoes on a rack a handbag closet and  clothes where they can glance at some of them from time to time but hey that's not happening right now.

A simple suggestion if you ask me at the spot make your bed frame high off the ground and maybe not as high as a bunk bed but enough to put your Boxes underneath and have a drawer in built as well so your clothes and shoes can fit in nicely. Sounds good yeah? note one thing you really want to do is to get things off the ground as much as possible to make the space look less cramped up .

here are four images of Alternative Storage spaces

  1.  This is a versatile piece of furniture that can serve as a chair ,bed and dining sets for more than two people ,it just makes your small space adorable.                                                                                                      multi purpose furniture for small apartment
  2.  The next one is called Murphy beds or wall beds it's as a literal as it sounds. with this you can use your space as an office in the day and bedroom at night.                                                                                           murphy storage bed
  3. This is called Drawer bed or Storage bed with this you have space for clothes and possibly shoes .                                                                                               storage bed
  4. These are Bunk Beds but away from the regular design it can also be called Loft Beds. this has inbuilt storage space to fit just right into your cute small bedroom space.small loft bunk bed

So yeah that's it!!!  hope you have picked an idea or two for my short list these can however also be used in large rooms as well. The size of your room may vary I would say you can order for any of these online but a bespoke design will do because it will be accurate and precise and will do more Justice to that space. You can request for a free interior design consultation on our website.

If you have found yourself in this that you are or know who is currently finding ways around the small bedrooms please please let us know how you managed it or how we can help you right now.

Here are my tips for General Space Management

  • Get items of the floor. Avoid overcrowding your space.
  • Make use of vertical spaces make sure things go straight upwards.
  • Take out on important things often.
  • Make use of unusual spaces like under the staircase, wardrobes and closet on wardrobes.
  • Use multiple purpose furniture for example your ottoman can also serve as some sort of storage. I know no matter how big your space is it's almost never enough. 

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