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6 Ways To Identify Real Animal Skin leather

The first time I started shopping online it was exhilarating, jumia was my plug I was getting good deals and quality products until this faithful day I  I saw this leather gladiator high heel sandals, oh my! It was jaw dropping and cheaper than usual, I ordered for my size 8,it got delivered and I rocked it until I noticed it began to peel and break 😢just 8months after. Guys I learnt not to fall for cheap Shiney leather anymore but you cannot deny that quality product comes at a great price you can hardly see a good product or good job that is cheap. 

 Let me show you 6 ways to identify original leather from fake or synthetic leather with these few tricks and hacks.

Original leather real animal skin is exactly as it is animal skins made from real animal skin while synthetic leather are a mix of animal skin and some petroleum products. There are some leathers that are in between mid-range, these synthetic ones are also good but it doesn't last as long as animal skin does. There are few steps to identifying and telling whether leather is fake or not.

  1. firstly it's the smell but we not China does a lot of fake things and it's possible for them to get the smell of animal skin and put it on a synthetic animal skin .Animal skin has an organic smell while synthetic has a processed chemical smell. But I will not use that as the first reason to pick a leather.
  1. The next thing to do is the fire test, fire test just shows you that real animal skin doesn't burn but fake or synthetic leather is likely to burn because it has been mixed with some sort of petroleum products. if you put it in fire it will curl up and burn but real animal skin won’t burn, it can be on Fire for a longer time this is however just a 5-7 seconds test. And when in fire it will smell like hair. Let’s do some quick practical....

 leather fire test

Whether a leather is original or fake it’s not just concerned with sofa making or anything of the sort it also Focuses on you buying leather outfits, leather shoes and leather belts you should be able to tell if you're paying for the worst of the item or if you are getting a good deal.

  1. If you're buying from a good store they will write on the label what exactly the product is if it's fake if it's synthetic or real animal skin. If you're also buying a handbag or something from the store you pick it up and fold it in half, if see some crack in it ,it means that the leather is not original just gently drop the product and move along (more like moon walk outta there).
  1. You can also tell if it's real leather by pressing a finger on it, real leather will form the shape of a web, wrinkly and come up immediately. While synthetic will depress without any wrinkles.

 wrinkle test for leather

  1. Animal skin is hardly ever so smooth it has patches and blemishes; it's fine but not sleek. Synthetic is machine made it’s always if you come across a smooth Shiny leather just moon walk away from the store 😁

 rough leather gloves

  1. Synthetic leather generally has a mesh fabric back why animal skin is really rough and seemingly hairy looking like suede.

These tips should help you shop for outfits and sofa confidently so that you don’t buy a fake piece at an outrageous price.

 I'd like to hear from you,have you fallen for te his fake leather thing? have you bought fake leather at exhorbitant price without knowing? please drop a comment so we can either laugh or sympathize with you.


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