Choosing Between Customized and Ready-Made Furniture

A quick question to you, Do you prefer a customized sofa or already made sofa/furniture? Nigerians and people around the world generally literally look down on handcrafted or hand made customized products. But I tell you, bespoke and Nigerian made products are really good especially the bespoke sofas.

Before we delve deep, let's understand what bespoke or customized furniture is, Just the way you hear custom made shoes, tailor-made or bespoke dress the same also applies to sofa or furniture.

Bespoke Furniture is custom made furniture designed for exactly what you need, where you need it for, and exactly how you want it to look. It’s really about you get exactly what you want whilst getting the best use of your space and it is not limited to just sofas it can be anything at all, bedframe, dining table set, wardrobes and cabinet, console tables, leather and fabric sofa, ottoman, dressing tables, office tables, etc.

The good thing about getting bespoke sofa is that you can determine what and what should be in it, you can determine the quality but another side to it is that sometimes the prices, they're more expensive because you have to go use the best materials but being expensive is not always the case. Already made sofas are good because you can just pick it up and furnish wherever you want but bespoke hand made takes a little more time. at least seven days to get ready but you can be sure that it is of high quality. making sofas consist of good wood and, fiber, good foam density, and then the fabric. buying an already made sofa can be tricky because you don't know what kind of wood was used inside the sofa, the lifespan of the sofa, how long will they last? The fabric may be of high-quality so the fabric will look good and probably have a good finishing but you don't know what is inside some reasons why you should use bespoke or customized sofas is because;

1. you can be sure of the quality of materials that are used to make it, you're sure of the foam density and you're sure of the wood so you're certain that for the next 5-7 years your sofa is going to be just fine. 

2.  Whether your space is big or not bespoke sofa helps you do proper space planning so that you can measure the furniture that should fit into the particular space and then it is made without hassle. The accurate dimensions of the available space for the furniture to sit will be taken. let me tell you a brief story, someone came to pick a set of sofa from what was displayed, we went to deliver the beautiful set on getting there, we realized the house was on the second floor and the sofa was too big to pass through the hallway lol imagine what we had to go through. we had to loosen some part and pass the sofa through the balcony. nothing of the sort would have happened if this was customized for his space.

moving sofa
3. If you are the creative type or you've had this funny unique design in your head, it can easily be recreated for you. you can choose whatever design you want, you know when you go into an already made store or showroom you just pick from what is already available and on display but with this one, you can determine how the castor should be, what kind of fabric do you want? do you want leather do you want to suede? do you want velvet do you want something flowery you can determine your style.


In a nutshell, with a bespoke sofa or customized furniture, you are in charge and involved in every bit of the process from material selection to estimated delivery date. if quality and uniqueness is your thing then bespoke furniture is definitely for you.

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