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Basic Livingroom Essentials and Must-Haves

Whether you are moving into your new home or you just rented an apartment or you probably just moved out of mama’s house to live on your own for the first time (congrats to you by the way) there are however, certain necessities and essentials that every living room must-have and This will serve as a guide when buying and budgeting what you need VS what you want for your new space..

Moving can be really hectic both physically, mentally and financially. As much as you can try to avoid the mental part by thinking and trying to fix the space as you go along, you are not an interior designer who is designing to impress a client so take your time to figure out your space and design as you live. I love to take my time especially when it's my space, one time I had this wall in my living room bare and painted orange, I didn't like it but I didn't just want to go change the colour but after thinking it through for some months (yeah it took me that long)I was proud with what I eventually settled for. What I'm trying to say here is take your time to design your space but make sure to have these basic living rooms must-haves.

  1. Sofa: your sofa is the largest and most important item in your living room,it's a kind of determinant of how your living room will want to have a comfortable sofa set to welcome guests or just for you to lounge and watch TV So the size , colour and design are important as you fix your space.     READ ALSO--------------- THE BEST SOFA DESIGN FOR YOUR HOME;SOFA BUYING GUIDE                                                                                                                                                    beautiful livingroom sofa
  2. Rugs: There is a completeness that rug adds to your living room. I have some friends that have big living rooms but have an empty open center space ,it just looks like there's a void and I've asked and wondered why they won't just get a simple rug but the response remains same “i don't think i need it” if you have a center rug take it out for a bit and see if it actually beautifies your space. A good area Rug will be nice  it could be any design at all Fur,Persian or Handmade just make sure to have a beautiful piece in the middle ,you can shop for some rugs here .                                               home with rug
  3. Centre Table : I don't have a regular centre table but I have an ottoman that serves as a table as well, anytime it's moved for whatever reason it's just obvious that something is missing. There are different types, design and sizes of centre tables to choose from and a single living room can even have 2 center tables if your space is really big and rectangular the reason for that is to create balance, proportion and harmony in the space. Centre tables add beauty as well as some functionality like sitting on some decorative piece or for your newspaper or even to have drinks with a couple of friends. Here's how to select your centrepiece                                                                                                                                         livingroom with center table
  4. Entertainment /TV : I mean what's a living room without TV? 🤷‍♀️I understand that some people say they are not "TV people" even if you are not you'd at least have guests sometimes and even if not, a TV set is essential for every living room space. So get a TV no matter the size you can afford at the moment just get it up there. While we talk about TV, a TV stand or a console is equally important. Even if you decide to hang your TV on the wall the floor beneath should be beautified with a nice piece. Most times the TV area is the focal point in every home except for some really big living rooms. So if yours is not so big, make your small space worthwhile. A hanging TV console, a credenza or a regular floor console works. 
  5. Curtains: your living room can't be complete without an awesome window treatment. Some people use window blinds but curtains are perfect for living rooms as it's one of the things that makes your home look expensive. There are lots of choices to select from that it can even be overwhelming. Check out my last post on curtain designs and hanging systems to guide your selection.                                                                                                     gold curtains

These are the 5 basics your living room needs to begin a journey to being glam but below are some extras that you should include to make it perfect. 

  1. Lighting : it's OK to have regular ceiling lights when you move in but it's great to buy lamps. There is this unique and stylish look your living room has when there's a lamp whether it's a standing lamp or a table lamp. Aside from aesthetics, it's also functional to provide accent light and mood light. There are times I just want to relax but not in the dark (I hate darkness 😁) so I just turn off the bright lights and turn on the warm light, that what lamps do ,they create a soothing mood for you and they are just way too cool because they kinda make your house look expensive.
  2. Flowers and Plants : There are so many reasons to include flowers into your decor. Live or artificial plants give life to any space, it adds a little bit of nature and calmness as well as gives a welcoming ambience and scenery. Live plants are usually better because of the function they perform but not every live plant is an indoor plant, endeavour to check in with your horticulturist before you purchase one but if you don't have the time to care for a live plant just get a beautiful synthetic plant.                              table flower
  3. Throw Pillows : Pillows for me are a must-have, when people order for bespoke sofas I make sure to add a throw pillow even when they don't request because I can't imagine my house without pillows I have about 8 in my living room, it accentuates the living room design and also serves as a headrest and some cuddly cuddly when necessary.                                               throw pillow
  4. Decorative Pieces : I like mirrors a lot so I always recommend mirrors as the number 1 decorative piece and there are so many ways to use mirrors to decorate. You can also have figurines and other wall decor also add some gold decor pieces as well, it always makes your space pop.                                             mirror decor
  5. Wall Treatment :It's OK to just do a simple regular paint when you move in. I'm beginning to fall in love with trims and mouldings, there are simple ones you can do yourself that won't cost much. Check out some wall treatment ideas; there are lots of options that don't feel limited to regular simple wall paint.                                                                                         wall trims

I like when I proffer solutions, if you think this just helped you or will help you fix your living room why not share this and help someone too. Please drop me a comment or question below let me know what you think and feel free to add a must-have item that wasn't included.

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