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6 Simple Curtain Hanging Styles : Best Window Treatment Idea

 open livingroom with curtain

Imagine how naked your space will look and feel with bare windows. Window treatment is a very vital part of setting or staging your home, it's one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make when moving to a new home or making changes in your current home. This is something you don't want to get wrong. I got this wrong when I moved to a new apartment some time ago and it took me a while to rectify it. I got the colour of the curtain and design wrong, not wrong in the sense that it looked bad but it wasn't something I was proud of, I had to change as soon as I could. If you are looking for the best curtain design for your home or how to select a curtain hanging system, this article is for you. Eunicon interior is an outstanding interior designer and we have helped beautify a lot of homes and advised individuals as well so, this should help you in your simple window treatment decision making.

What is a Window Treatment?

Window treatments are window covers used to enhance a space aesthetically as well as shade the window from external lights. There are different types of window treatments which include both hard and soft treatments and From our list of 10 things that make your home look expensive, curtains top the chart on the list. Curtains are soft fabric materials/panels that are installed as a single stretch or best as pairs for more style and beauty. Curtains are by far the oldest form of window treatment, from just hanging with ropes to rods etc and they are a perfect fit for anywhere in the home, hotel, and virtually any space except the office. Curtains have a way of making a space homely, luxurious and comfy; an office space does not need this kind of ambience so it's best to use blinds or any other form of window treatment. Curtains are just fabrics and what makes yours unique is the type of fabric, designs and hanging system you select. We’ll briefly look at the types of curtain hanging systems before going further to curtain designs.


Curtain hanging systems

 There are basically 2 popular ways of Hanging Curtains;

  1. Curtain Tracks: this is an elegant way to hang curtains but it is not as popular as such around here. As the name implies, 2 tracks are layered for the curtain to hang and slide with ease but unlike the rod system, tracks are a little more complex to install and more expensive. The tracks are somewhat invisible until you get pretty close to see them.    
                                         curtain track
    2.Curtain Rods: alternatively called rails or poles are used to suspend curtains on windows, doors, bathrooms etc. the rods come in wooden, plastic or metal/iron as it is most of the time, some may also look like glass/acrylic but curtain rods are however not limited to these . The metal ones can come in gold, black, silver or bronze as well. Curtain rods are a better way to make your curtains look expensive because of the many options available, using gold curtain accessories gives it a luxurious look even if the fabric is cheap.                                                                                                                                                                        curtain rods

      Types of Curtain Design 

      1. Rod Pocket :pocket design is old and about the cheapest design you can do, because it only requires folding the top of the fabric together enough to let the rod pass through it. No form of styling is required here. This is the style I grew up knowing because it was what we had at home, it looked beautiful then but got boring over time when other new designs became popular. Rod pocket design is decorative but has issues when it comes to functionality. It's difficult to slide the curtains to the other side because the pocket is usually tight, you have to take your time to pull it to the side, your best bet is to use tiebacks instead of trying to stack it to the side.                                                                                                                                                pink rod pocket curtain
      2. Rings : rings design is elegant, this requires the curtain to be sewn and then the rings attached to the top, those rings will be slipped into the rod. With this design, you need to select a good looking rod because most part of it will be exposed and that also adds to the beauty of your curtain design.                                               rings rod pocket curtain design           
      3. Eyelet : this is my current curtain design and I like it, it is not so expensive and also easy to design. You simply need to sew the stretch and then bore circles at the top that will be finished with an eyelet. The eyelet comes in basic colours like gold, silver, black, brown and grey too, In plastic or metal form. With eyelets, your curtains have a natural soft fold and it's also easier to slide the curtain effortlessly.                                                                                                                                                                                                    grommet eyelet curtain design
      4.  Box Pleat : this a beautiful unique design but you may not come across it so much because it's a little more expensive to design, it requires much more fabric for the design to look luxurious as it is the intention most often. In this design, the rods are completely hidden and it's best to use a tie back instead of trying to slide and stack.                                                                                                          box pleated curtain design
      5. Tab Top : this is a simple design that requires making loops at the top from the same fabric for the rod to slide through. This design is not so functional just like the pocket design, they are usually used for smaller spaces.                                                                                                            blue tab top curtainblack tab top curtain                  
      6.  Pinch Pleat:this is an elegant design that works with either rod or tracks. it is also called french pleat, The curtain is sewn to form three pleats in each pinch all the way through the stretch. It is a traditional design that can be hung like a ring system.                                                                                        pinch pleat curtain
      sheer pinch pleat curtain

        There are a few more other designs but these are the most popular designs you can easily use. There are however some other embellishments that can define your curtains to either make them look luxurious or simple and classy. 

        Curtain Covers

        Pelmets and valances are both forms of window treatment that covers the upper part of the curtains, mostly to cover multiple rods used especially when hanging drapes as well as beautify and enhance your curtain design.

        Pelmets are usually flat boxed simple covers that enhance the height of the curtain and it is made with wood or a strong material to create that box shape and covered with the curtain fabric while valances are made of just fabrics, often the same material with the curtain or a contrasting sheer or softer fabric.

         Another type of cover is Scarves or Swag. This is a great way to create a glam look in your home, more like a royal design if done properly with the right selection. This is a DIY design but there are other complicated swag styles that you would require a professional to do for you.

        Whatever your style is maximalist or minimalist, there is always a perfect curtain design and style for you. also note that to give your curtain a perfect look you must let it hang properly and by that, I mean getting the measurements right. Curtains look better when you hang them high enough and be sure not to let them drag and scrub the floor. When your curtain is too short it makes it look cheap like you just picked up what you could get from the market and when it's too long it looks out rightly shabby. The perfect spot is to ensure it kisses the floor, nothing more nothing less.

        I hope this has enlightened you in some way, if you are thinking of changing your wall treatment or installing it for the first time, contact Eunicon interior to get the best window treatment for you. you can even schedule a free online interior consultation with us.  

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