How to make your Home Look Expensive

The truth is that expensive items don't actually make your space look expensive. It really doesn't take a lot of money to fool the eye to think oh wow! This is an expensive space. I have this rich client, an older lady friend she is an art collector and travels a lot. I helped her design her new home about 4 years ago and it was nice and simple but I went back there a few weeks ago and it looked crazy, the space had no balance or unity because every piece was distinctly different she had all her expensive collection from all over displayed in her living room. It is totally ok to have nice pieces, some of these items are perfect as single pieces, but they may not function as a collection in a single space, there are ways to use accessories and artworks that will either help define your space or take out the elegance. If you like to showcase your collection, get a separate room in your house to exhibit your items while you use some sparingly in the living room and other areas. You know the words "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” that statement is as true as life.

So here it is, guys, 10 ways to make your Home look Expensive without breaking the Bank.

  1. This is the least on the list but its really important, Declutter and clean your space, less is always more, Get items you hardly use or never use out of your space. use furniture with longer casta or legs as some people call it., when items are off the floor it's less cramped up, it creates an illusion of more space underneath. Generally, get items off the floor and keep only the essentials within the space.

 declutter image

  1. If you can, make your space as minimalist as possible. Have you been to a rich person's home before?. Their spaces are simple with sleek and simple furniture. Creating a minimalist space requires fewer items in the space but you have to be intentional about it so that it doesn't look like you are too broke to afford some other things. You have to play with neutral colours, work with quality, not quantity.use contemporary furniture and flat surfaces, less decorative items, and keep design simple to achieve a minimalist design.

 minimalist livingroom space

  1. Use accessories: accessories make a lot of statements, select accessories that will stand out but still fit perfectly into your design. Rich people always have huge mirrors in the bathroom, living room, and other areas, mirrors do more than just show your reflection if strategically placed it brings more light and an illusion of more space. Add detailed mirrors, console table with mirror, arts, and painting or some antique piece to aid continuity and add some elegance to your space. Don't be scared to use more than 1 mirror or really large mirrors.

 mirror accessory

  1. Add a touch of gold or bronze in your living room. Gold coloured items ordinarily feel expensive whether it's real gold or not. Having obvious pieces used but sparingly will give off the feeling that you spent a lot fixing your space. The touch of gold or bronze can be a mix of glass on your centre table or console table or the castor of your sofa or even your curtain rods or the doorknob, drawer handle, and other hardware.

 gold themed interior

  1. Use beautiful throw pillows. It's funny how simple and cheap this is, you can create repetition and rhythm with just pillows. Add some nice soft fur or beautiful patterned fabric, fur always looks expensive especially when it’s white, they are easy to get and not expensive but you can also ask your local tailor to make something nice for you to adorn your living room or you can also shop for pillows on

 fur pillows on sofa

  1. Lighting most people just have light enough to see and move around. Lighting is a very important part of making your home look expensive and it could be natural or artificial light, someone said that it's like rich people have different sunlight because there's always a lot of natural light coming through... For artificial light Good looking lamps and holders are not as expensive as they look so be sure you are not breaking the bank to make this work. You can also add a chandelier or a nice pendant light in the middle of the living room and by the dining area and in the kitchen island if you have that, it can be your focal point as it creates emphasis. . Lamps and candles also fall into this category, some candle stands also serve as accessories to beautify your space. candles and accent light are used to set the mood for special days. It's also good to have lights and lamps that can be controlled for can also get that on my website

 seating area with pendant light

  1. If your house smells nice it gives off your high taste and style, so make sure your house always smells good. You can Get block air fresheners, or the spray type or the scented candles which I highly recommend because it serves as both accessory and fragrance, there's this elegance or proud feeling when you walk to lit a scented candle that is strategically placed on your console table or some visible place.

 scented fragrance

  1. Flowers are back to the interior space especially in a minimalist setting its always beautiful. Add plants or flowers to your space whether live or synthetic. plants add some warmth and a feel of nature to your space and it's nice to be welcomed by some greenery. here are  5 reasons to add flowers to your home decor. you may want to check that out.

 console table with plants

  1. Curtains have a way of making your house full, curtains are like mascara they make your face feel put together. Use curtains instead of blinds if you want an expensive look, blinds are perfect if you are creating a minimalist space. Make your curtains full, have a day blind so that you can use tiebacks, and show off a bit during the day. Some people don't know how to hang curtains, get your measurements right before you buy, or get one of our installers to come to assist. The right way to sew your curtains is making it kiss the floor not an inch shorter or longer if it's shorter it makes it look cheap. Hanging curtains from the ceiling help to enhance the visual height of the space by drawing the eye upward. Opt for a light, sheer fabric to increase the amount of natural light. 

 interior curtain design

  1. And lastly, invest in good sofas, give your sofa a lavish look with fine fabric, your sofa doesn't have to be expensive but use good quality fabric and a bespoke sofa is the way to go with whatever your budget is. Something good can be crafted for you. Your sofa is a major item in your home so if you get it right, every other thing can seamlessly fall in place. While selecting your sofa also ensure to have an accent chair included. An accent piece is any chair that has a distinct colour, shape that will add impact and visual curiosity and make the space pop.

 livingroom with accent chai

So hey drop a comment below let me know what your favourite piece is or what item you have added or would want to include to make your space look expensive if you have a question please drop it below too, you can watch this on youtube too. And you can also shop for certain products on my website 


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