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6 Things to know Before Buying a Center Table

Having a center table and side stools at home is great, but having an awesome-looking one is terrific 😊 because it serves both the table function and as an accessory that makes your living room aesthetically appealing.  A center table/Coffee table is one of the Basic living room must-have for your home and for certain  office reception designs.

Center tables have a way of enhancing and making the space cohesive. No matter the size of your space there is still a perfect table for that space. The table can't work alone, other items and furniture can also determine the kind of table that you choose so How do you know or select the right one for your space? Here is What to look out for and a guide to your center table selection. 

  1. Proportion: Buy the right size that suits your living room, the weight of your sofa, and other furniture you have in the space. I went to someone's house and the living room was not exactly small but he had a 2 and 3 seater sofa and his center table was almost the size of the 2 sitters, it was a beautiful table but it was out of proportion and not perfect for that space. It's also OK to have 2 tables in the living room if it's really big or rectangular. Consult your designer or furniture expert before you make a purchase. Is there a perfect size for a center table? Yes, there is, a standard center table size should be about 18inch high 28 inches wide, and 48inch long but sizes may vary according to spaces and special preferences.Your table should be 2/3rd the size of your sofa, it should also be a little lower than your sofa or the same height but definitely not higher, it will look ridiculous if it's higher than your sofa.  
    beautiful livingroom
    1. The Shape: Your sofa design helps in table selection. If you have an L shape sofa set, you should likely go for a rectangular table, if you have a circular or curved setup you certainly want to go with something oval except for certain occasions when the designers try to make exceptions and execute it flawlessly. Tables can be round, square, rectangular, oval and even like a pentagon, there are so many Center table designs especially when it's bespoke, Eunicon interior loves to work on unique personalized designs, you can contact us for a great center table.its that uniqueness that differentiates your space from everybody else's.                                                                                                                                 round white center table     
    2. The style of your living room: If your living room style is contemporary and modern find a table to suit that, don't go from a traditional living room setting to having an elegant glass piece, keep the style traditional. Contemporary designs usually have glass and simple aluminium but there are also new wooden contemporary designs. These designs make your space easy on the eye and soft.  if you are not sure what your interior design style is, check it out and get the best center table for your living room.                                          comfortable livingroom
    3. The purpose: Are you likely going to entertain guests and have food and drinks spillover or is it basically an accessory with some beautiful flowers on it and decorative books? Knowing this would make you decide on wood or glass and if it's wood what kind of wood? Some woods do well with water some others don't so be sure what you'd likely do with it before you buy that beautiful coffee table. Also, do you have kids or need an extra storage space? if you do then you probably need to go for a storage center table or an ottoman table so you can easily hide stuff in there.                                                                                                 wooden center table
    4. The Material: there are different materials you can craft a table from. It could be wood, acrylic, metal, glass aluminium or even plastic, etc. Select a material that can complement what already exists in your living room space.                                                                                                                                     gold main table
    5. And finally, the cost: 😊 this seems to be what most people look out for without considering other things listed above. I get a lot of people saying Chika I need a table within this price range but when I give them the range they request for they don't seem to like it but then I put up a beautiful piece later and they are like, this is exactly what I want but it's a little above their budget. Good things are always expensive but make sure you don't break the bank for a beautiful centerpiece, Buy what's within your budget but endeavour to look out for these other things in the process.                                                    expensive center table

    While you are selecting a center table , also know that a side stool(s) is essential, especially if it's a large living room, you don't want to be stretching to reach the center table, you should be able to easily draw a stool close . Some contemporary center tables come with smaller tables or stools ,so get something like that if you need a stool.

    Be kind to share these simple tips with your friends too someone may just need this. you can also drop a comment or question just below if you liked these few tips or would want to add some more.


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