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How to Design a Masterbedroom- Master bedroom Interior Decorating Tips

simple master bedroom design

Some time ago, I had an in-person interior consultation somewhere outside Lagos state, Nigeria, before we got to the location, the client kept casually saying the space was empty and he just needs to fill the space up, so in my mind, I was like ;that shouldn't be a big deal, I know the basic bedroom must-haves then add some extra accessories and we’ll have a beautiful bedroom. So we got there pretty late and then the next day we took a walk around his large home to see the areas that needed to be fixed. Every space was unusually spacious but when we got to the bedroom, I was overwhelmed. Truthfully, I've never been overwhelmed by any space, so much that I had to call my friend to share my concern. I'd never seen a bedroom that big, but after I stopped being overwhelmed I began to sketch and write/ plan a design. I hope to share the project with you soon but let me share with you how to design a large spacious master bedroom.

  1. Create compartments and defined zones: master bedrooms are meant to be bigger than other bedrooms in the house, but some master bedrooms are much bigger than others. So depending on how big yours is, this may not apply to your master bedroom. If you however have a large master bedroom space then you need to explore zones and compartments. What are the zones and compartments in a master bedroom? In large master bedrooms, there's the sleeping zone, the seating zone, the dressing/closet zone and the workspace zone. As I said earlier, this compartmentalization is only possible in bigger spaces but you can and must have these zones in a master bedroom no matter how simple it may look. Creating zones can be mental or physical , you don't necessarily have to use dividers to separate and define the zones.         MASTER BEDROOM WITH COMPARTMENTS
  2. Bold headboards/ headboard wall: what's a master bedroom without an obvious headboard? Large headboards make bold statements and I absolutely love it!! Now the headboard can be part of the bed or a stand-alone. From experience, I've come to understand that not everyone loves a large headboard, some  prefer the average height headboard or a small one. So if you fall into this category, you have to make the wall a focal point. By creating a focal point you can use upholstery board, wooden panels, decorative mirrors, wainscoting and trims etc. There are so many wall treatment options to apply to your master bedroom wall to give it a glam luxurious look.          master bedroom with large beautiful headboard
  3. Keep the colour simple and neutral: this is not the time to test your knowledge of colour combinations. Keep it simple, most beautiful master bedrooms are neutral colours or mild cold colours. See the best colours for a relaxing bedroom and better sleep. This is not to say you shouldn't add some accent colours here and there, just focus on simplicity. As it is popularly said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Also know you can accentuate the walls with other wall treatment ideas.          neutral master bedroom idea
  4. Large decorative storage/ Inbuilt wardrobe: A walk-in closet might seem like a luxury but a Wardrobe/cabinet is a must-have, and a large one at that. Now, if you love mirrors, this would be a good time to have your wardrobe doors lined with mirrors or better still, a glass transparent wardrobe door.          luxury master bedroom with closet
  5. Create a luxury look with lush curtains: beautiful curtains add some style and class to any space, that's why it is essential and you must avoid these several curtains hanging mistakes I shared a while back. Avoid using blinds, they don't add that luxury look you may want to achieve in your master bedroom. Check this out If you are confused about whether to select blinds or curtains for any space . Even if you have large glass doors or windows, you can afford to show off during the day, but remember you would need some privacy at one point or the other so, get yourself some beautiful curtains.          master bedroom with lush curtains
  6. Include several lighting options: I seem to talk about lighting a lot because it is an essential part of great interior design. As always, your design is incomplete without lighting, make use of multiple light sources. You can’t have a master bedroom without table lamps on the nightstand and if you don't like table lamps for whatever reason, use a pendant light that drops pretty low on both sides of the bed.The type and style of lighting your master bedroom needs are dependent on the size and interior design style of the bedroom just ensure you have task light, ambient light and general light. They help set and determine the mood of the room and will all come in handy at one point or the other.          well lit master bedroom

Other important things you need to design a master bedroom are;

  • An area rug: select an area rug that matches your bedroom design. Note that the rug should be big enough, in proportion to the size of the bed and size of the room. Buy affordable living room & bedroom area rugs online
  • Plush bedding:skin friendly bed-sheets and lush duvets as well as great ergonomic pillows and throw pillows.
  • Seating area: I mentioned compartmentalization, ensure that you have a comfortable seating area, either big enough to nap on or the accent chairs.This makes your master bedroom complete.
  • Statement dressing Table / mirror
  • Life or artificial plants and flowers can never go wrong. Shop on Eunicon Interior for the best and affordable artificial plants.
I hope these tips come in handy. Also, read our sofa buying guide ,it will help you make better decisions before buying sofa sets.

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