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6 Best Soothing Paint colours to Create a relaxing Bedroom

Beautiful pink bedroom

When you get into your bedroom after a long day, most times it's to sleep but some other times you just wanna relax. Prepping your bedroom to perform that relation function is determined by a lot of things but today, let's focus on how colours can make your bedroom a lot more relaxing and make you feel at ease.

In one of my articles, I talked about colour psychology and how to select a colour for your new space. This is basically how colours determine the way you feel in a space. Some colours trigger stress and make you anxious while some other colours make you feel so calm.


So a quick question, Is it OK to paint your bedroom using your favourite colour? Just think about it for a bit and drop a comment below.

This article touches on the 6 best colours to create a relaxing and calming bedroom.

  1. Grey: the colour grey falls on the neutral colour spectrum. It is a combination of white and black and it has a lot of shades but I like the silver-grey tint for a bedroom because it is light and has that strong but calming feel. Here you can go monochromatic by using light and darker shades to create contrast but play safe with the wall and use a light shade especially if your bedroom is small, dark wall paint colour can make your small bedroom look smaller.  You can combine grey with other colours like light pink, bluish grey, white etc, to make it pop. grey bedroom
  2. Blue: check out this article on how to design your living room with navy blue. It's a helpful and handy article but today, navy blue is a no-no for the wall at least, instead, we’ll work with a lighter shade of blue. Blue is generally known to be a relaxing colour, think of the feeling of being on the beach, how looking at the sea can be calming. Researchers also say the colour blue can help your weight loss journey.  it says,When we see this colour, the body releases chemicals that soothe our bodies and slow down the metabolism making us eat less, unlike the red colour that makes us hungry. The blue colour is both beneficial to your mind and body, A light shade of blue combined with white is heavenly, and you can use it for your walls and interior bedroom
  1. Green: This is a naturally occurring colour that symbolizes nature, fertility and safety. It is one of the restful colours for the eyes, it helps you stay calm and refreshed. You will find working with lighter greens like sage green, mint green, emerald green very comforting. Try green and white or green and silver grey, beige, or other natural earthy tones. You can also mix green with pale yellow for a relaxing combo, it gives this freshness and breathable positive vibe. If you like to accessorize your room, gold is perfect for your green room.traditional green bedroom
  1. Pink: pink is often thought to be girly but far from that, it speaks of care, love, compassion and sweetness. Pink can be used for both male and female bedrooms, while women may be OK with any shade of pink, it has to be more subtle for men. In fact, research says that Pink has been used to calm aggressive inmates in jail, one Dr Alexandra was the first to report the suppression of angry, antagonistic, and anxiety-ridden behaviour among prisoners:  and I quote "Even if a person tries to be angry or aggressive in the presence of pink, he can't. The heart muscles can’t race fast enough. It’s a tranquilizing colour that saps your energy(we can’t argue with science). To get an elegant look with pink, combine it with white, blue, grey, beige, gold colours etc.                                                            calm pink bedroom
  2. Lavender: I like the fragrance as much as I like the oil. It is therapeutic! Purple represents royalty, luxury and power. It symbolizes creativity and peace. Just the same way lavender oils and aroma possess therapeutic and relaxing abilities, so also does the colour. You can combine lavender and dusty pink, white, sky blue to make it pop or you can also go monochrome on this colour. You will certainly like it.beautiful purple bedroom
  1. White: I think I talk a lot about white colour, from making your space look bigger, to how to turn your regular bedroom into a luxury hotel, today I want to also tell you how calming white is. White symbolizes freshness and clarity. There's some peace you get when you are surrounded by white. But remember white has to be white and not it was white, if you get what I mean. The sight of dirt on white can be very distracting, so if you can't maintain a white room, go with other beautiful bedroom colours.  White can be combined with so many other colours, ensure to work with calm contrasting colours as well as textures.


minimalist white bedroom

    Take a look at these bedroom images below, same design but different colours, which one you find most relaxing? I think I'd go with 3 and 5, drop your pick below,this should be fun...

    1beige bedroom colour  2brown wall bedroom
    3white-blue-bedroom 4red white bedroom
    5white bedroom 6red bedroom
    7green bedroom

    Know that you can also work with wallpapers that are soft on the eye to maintain the calming effect that you are trying to create and don’t be scared to use large mirrors, remember how mirrors make a space feel spacious and airy. Adding some greenery is a must because plants liven up any room. Live or synthetic plants will work perfectly.

    So which of these colours are you gonna use next or recommend to your friend? Drop a comment and let me know which of the colours you find most appealing.

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