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Amazing Decorative Wall Covering Ideas for your living room

decorative mural wall treatment

An empty wall is like a blank slate and there are limitless possibilities on how to fill that slate. A lot of people think they only have the option of painting their walls with either emulsion or satin paint, even the easiest wallpaper option doesn't even come to mind. Wall treatment options are enormous but we’ll just elaborate on a few beautiful, affordable, easy designs. But before then, your choice of wall treatment is determined by a few things that's if money is not a problem. You need to consider the purpose of the space, what part of the house is it? your personal design style, the design of your home etc. These will be elaborated upon some other time, for now, let's see the wall treatment ideas you can incorporate to your home to make it stylish and luxurious.

8 Beautiful Wall Treatment Ideas

1. Wall decals: this is very similar to wall murals but they are different in certain ways. Decals are often printed on a vinyl adhesive material and pasted on the wall. This is often a more temporary design and is used on smaller wall areas. Wall decals are more like stickers and can be in small pieces or a single large piece. This wall treatment is good for lounges, restaurants, offices and some parts of the home. You can have custom designs and sizes made to cover whatever space you want. Decals don't need any form of maintenance, it is relatively cheap and can also be installed by yourself and maybe with the help of a friend.


classy simple wall decal decor

    2. 3d panels: 3d panels are decorative wall designs that come in various board designs and appear 3 dimensional. They are usually made of either plastic or fibre material and it is not a permanent wall treatment. Although it may not be removed like peel and stick wallpaper it is still removable. It could also be a permanent design as well but the material has to be cast with POP material. This style is a lot more expensive than the regular 3d panel boards. 3D panels also has a faux leather design and it comes in different colours. I particularly love this for the bedroom as it can also serve as a large headboard when you can't have the upholstery headboard. 3D panels are easy to install and you can do it yourself if you are a handy person like me. I have a detailed article on

    how to install 3d panels
    beautiful 3d panel wall treatment


    you can check that out. From about #5000 This is how much 3d panels costs in Nigeria for a square meter, you can buy from wherever in the world you are, check out these picks on Amazon and if you are in Lagos Nigeria you can also shop here on Eunicon Interior for 3d panels.

        3. Moulding and wainscoting: this is my new true love, this moulding or wainscoting wall treatment design appears very luxurious and opulent. It can be used anywhere in the office, living room, bedroom, hotel, hallway etc. It is simple but it adds texture and depth to your wall. This design can be done with different materials, it has a peel and stick design for DIYs, some others are cast with POP material, some are made of fibre materials and installed with glue. There are other decorative wall designs that are achieved with wood and they also come out really good. The good thing about the wainscoting and wall trims wall treatment is that you can decide how heavy you want it by your choice of finishing. If you take a look at some of these Dubai interiors they are so luxurious but know that the more luxurious it appears, the more expensive it will cost. It can be painted with a single paint colour, or you can highlight the trims with a different colour or you can have wallpaper framed in the trims. There's a whole lot that can be done with trims and wainscoting. Schedule an interior design consultation with Eunicon Interior to know if this wall treatment idea is best for your space.

        simple wainscoting wall treatment ideas

          4. Murals: a mural is any piece of art painted or applied directly to the wall and this can be indoor or outdoor. There are certain types of murals that have a 3d realistic look and those are sold in square meters too but a  lot more expensive. Murals serve as accents most of the time, it can't be used on the entire wall in a room because it would appear too heavy and classless. The purpose of the space and interior design style will determine the kind of mural that should be installed. Not every mural has to be an image, some could be simple texts and fewer images. I'm going to make your search easy by linking you up with some great amazon products.



          5. Decorative wall painting: wall paint is like the regular wall treatment option everyone naturally tends towards before looking for improved wall treatment ideas. There's a wide range of creative wall paint options, there's an emulsion, gloss, satin or silk paint and they all kind of give different vibes. Wall painting can be plain, simple and boring but you can switch up from plain regular paint to other stylish designs. I've seen some painters do fantastic artistic work with paint, Achieving some fabulous geometric designs and shapes, like for people who don't like wallpapers but are drawn to those beautiful designs, you can do all that and more with your regular paints. Check out some decorative creative wall painting ideas

          decorative wall painting idea

            6. Wallpapers: OK y'all know by now that this is my fave go-to wall treatment. Wallpapers have a lot of amazing designs, from a mural design to a wooden panel look even a 3d panel design. I mean, there's just a lot of options out there to select from. I have this article on the difference between removable wallpaper and traditional wallpaper, you should check that out. Wallpapering is an affordable and DIY wall treatment idea that you can use both permanently and temporarily. check these designs with nice texture… you can also purchase wallpapers on my website. see how to easily install wallpapers by yourself.

            beautiful wallpaper ideas

              7. Wood paneling: this is a whole different mood!! Wood paneling has been in existence since the ’60s and ’70s and it remains trendy to this moment. There are different types of wood paneling and it kind of gives a space a different look, a kind of mild luxurious look because it's not a cheap wall treatment option for everyone. This wall treatment can appear very masculine and dark. Although this would not be my go-to wall-treatment option for personal preferences but it's beautiful and there are times and in certain designs when this would be perfect. Wooden panels can be used all through a room or they can be used to accent single or multiple areas in a room. Wooden panels come in different designs and shades, they add some architectural details to your design. This wooden panel wall treatment makes a lot of statement in any space. Note that whatever wood you are using has to be properly treated to avoid termite infestation.

              wooden wall panel wall treatment idea8. Fluted panel: This is a new trend of wall treatment and it seems to be catching on real quick. It seems to be a replacement for the wooden panel Tv wall/ console. Fluted panels are a linear design made of engineered composites with a natural wood finish. It gives them the appearance and texture of natural wood while also being water-resistant and termite and mould repellent. They come in different natural colours but can be painted. This is way cheaper than wooden panels and the good thing is it can be installed yourself DIY, no prior expertise is required as long as you have your tools. See how to install fluted panels and the tools you need to install fluted panels. Shop on eunicon interior for fluted panel.

              FLUTED PANEL

              Don't be scared to treat your walls nicely, wall covering is an essential part of your interior and when i say wall covering,i don't mean wallpaper. Anything you use on your walls to make it more appealing is a wall covering,so take it upon yourself to dress up your walls nicely.

              I love to assist you if you are finding it hard to make a choice or not sure what works for your space, just schedule an online interior design consultation and I'll personally come to your rescue or contact us at Eunicon Interior, we sure have the best hands

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