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How to Make Your Small space Living room Look BIG

Small spaces can be very confining and it kinda limits what you can do with your space, but what if I told you that you can make your small space as beautiful as you'd have a large space? Design can be very tricky, it can absolutely transform the look of a space and make it almost unbelievable how you did it. That's why when designing your small living room, every item, accessory or decor piece must count. It must be decorative as well as functional. Just keep reading on and you'd be glad you did.


I'll show you ways to manage your space to fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger. 

9 simple tricks that can make your small apartment look big. 

  1. Bright coloured walls: in one of my posts I wrote how to decorate your home with navy blue, in a small apartment or living room you don't want to have a navy blue wall because it is too solid and will only make it look smaller. Light bounces off on brighter colours while darker colours absorb the light. White is an easy neutral colour and it works perfectly in creating an illusion of more space. Other colours that fall into the neutral Colour category are, Off white, neutral light pink, light Grey, blue neutral. See more neutral colours.bright colour interior
  2. Good lighting. Proper and adequate illumination does not give room for dark corners, highlighting every angle and spreading the light is very important. don't depend on a single light source, probably in the middle of the living room, use wall lamps and table lamps. You need white light and not warm or ambient light, although you can have those for mood-setting, to cosy up or special needs but your primary source of light should be both natural and white light
  3. Make use of vertical spaces: This is the best time to use a hanging TV console. Most of the time TV cabinets are bulky and on the floor and they take a lot of space. If you have one of those big things, please take it out right now and replace it with a hanging console or maybe a smaller one. If you have a shelf too, it should also hang instead of placing it on the floor. Making use of walls and vertical spaces is very important because it gives you more room to play with the above space. You can have a bookshelf above or something for your clothes. Make sure to utilize your vertical spaces. floating TV console
  4. Use high leg furniture/ exposed leg: it's best to keep your furniture off the ground if your chair or bed is not flat on the floor it creates an illusion of more space underneath. The fact that your eyes can travel beyond the edge of the bed or dresser or chair just makes it look big but when it's on the floor, it visually looks smaller and choked. Also, If possible, make your furniture blend with your wall colour that way, they both won't struggle for the eye’s attention. Also, push large furniture pieces towards the wall but don’t rest them on the wall because that small space behind makes the eye feel there's more space but this is for those with a little more space. high leg sofa
  5.  use more contemporary furniture pieces in your small apartment, use; glass, steel and sleek furniture in the space. Avoid heavy wooden furniture pieces in your living room but if you must use wooden pieces, ensure it’s a lighter colour and not brown or walnut colours. contemporary furniture
  6. Windows: window blinds make a space look spacious because it has this minimalist thing but I strongly recommend curtains for a living room because it makes it more homely. So if you are using curtains, hang your curtains as high as possible, it creates an illusion of more height then make sure your curtains do not contrast the wall. Let the colours run seamlessly throughout the room. Too much contrast will make it obvious that your room is small. So you don't want to be doing grey walls and red curtains or something loud, go for a complementing neutral colour instead. See curtain hanging styles for you
  7. I recently started feeling that my bedroom was becoming too small for me but after I took out the clutter, did some rearranging, fixed more white light and warm light then painted the room white. Right now It feels like a completely different space. You should keep away clutter or clear it often because it makes your space look bigger. Organization and space management is key, keep it tidy by taking out unnecessary things, don't cramp your space up. 
  8. When decorating, Avoid lots of decoration especially on the wall, use one big piece instead of multiple small pieces. See how to properly hang wall decor frame wall decor
  9. Use mirrors. I can't say this enough neither would I get tired of mirrors. Aside from the function of seeing my reflection, mirrors are just something I love to have around and I have large frames. Mirrors reflect the entire space and when that happens it looks like it visually doubles the size of the space and also, when the lighting is perfect, without measuring no one would be able to tell the actual size of the space. For this to be very effective, you need a life-size mirror, I mean a really big one. But thankfully, mirrors are not so expensive. order for a bespoke design/size from Eunicon interior 

Now you can work that magic in your small apartment and stop complaining about your cute little space. But these tips can also be applied to your average-sized living room. I love to read from you. Drop a comment telling me how much you enjoyed these tips or drop a trick or two that worked for your own small space.

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