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Ways to Design your Living room with Navy Blue

If you ask a lot of people what their favourite colour is you’d be surprised that 50% of them will mention blue. Blue is described as a favourite colour by many people and its the colour most preferred by men .so to say, and I can’t really understand why they call it a men's colour. It used to be one of my favourites too with pink colour second on the list, but for some reasons, I fell in love with so many other colours, and right now, I have no best.
 From the study of colour psychology and how blue appeals to people, blue is viewed as a non-threatening colour that can seem conservative and traditional.
It kind of bring the feeling of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly.
 But amidst these amazing feelings, Blue can also create feelings of sadness or aloofness.  blue tends to lower the pulse rate and body temperature.

    Consider how blue is used in language: you look blue, blue moon, blue Monday, blue blood, the blues, etc.
    Blue is a compound name, but it has shades and tints in it. Navy blue is a more solid and bold colour but not as scary as black can be. And because it’s dark, it absorbs the light thereby making your space look smaller, but when your walls are white or a lighter shade, light bounces off or reflects and gives an illusion of more space. Follow along to know how best to use navy blue.
    True navy blue colour can be so dark that it could pass for black; that’s why we can almost say its a neutral colour because it works perfectly with virtually any colour.

    Below is a list of colours that perfectly make the navy blue pop.

    1. Navy blue and white

    If I have to select, navy blue and white can never go wrong .the combination has a calming and welcoming feel, and there are a lot of ways to include that in the same space, we’d see that in a bit.

    2. Navy blue and gold
    • A touch of gold in your living room makes your space look expensive instantly. It is a timeless luxury combination, but you must find the right way to fix both effortlessly. Also, note that designing with too much gold in space may make it look mediocre, so start small and keep it simple.
    3. Navy blue and yellow or mustard
    • The thought of this just excites me, and it seems to be catching on a lot of people. In the last week, three people requested a custom made navy blue and mustard/yellow sofa, respectively. This is one colour combo you should try.
    4. Navy blue and pink
    • As I mentioned earlier, these were my best colours when I was much younger, pink is said to be a girly colour, but there are more mature shades that a man would also be comfortable with. As we always advise, the design should be tailored to suit each need, be sure what works for you and other users of the space.
    5. Navy blue and brown 
    • This can be a very tricky combination; to stick to the navy blue design, a lighter shade of brown should be used. Checkout different shades of brown, select the one that appeals to you, and maybe mix different shades for variety.
     These are a few ways to show navy blue how much you love her and need her in your living room (definitely a her). WATCH ON YOUTUBE or keep reading on.

    Ways to include navy blue into your living room

    1. Paint the walls navy blue or an accent wall

    navy blue wall and sofa

    As said earlier, blue is a solid colour and absorbs light so be mindful when painting your entire wall blue but on the other hand its safer to design an accent navy blue wall, that way you can create a balance.

    1. Design a navy blue sofa/ furniture

    navy blue living room sofa

    Imagine a navy blue tufted sofa and how the colour pops in the mix of other colours, and this is an excellent way to use navy blue.

    1. Use a navy blue rug

    white interior with blue rug


    Navy area rugs are becoming so popular.  They go so well with any kind of flooring and walls and are available in different beautiful shaggy and fur designs and patterned mix.

    1. Blue accessories /painting and decor

    living room with blue accessory

    Paintings and wall decors tend to work better on lighter walls, so if you are painting your walls navy blue, you may want to use some gold accessory instead. Your accessory can be a wall clock, a decorative art piece or some personal item like a portrait, etc.

    1. Get An accent chair or pouffe.

    navy blue accent chair

    An accent chair is any piece of furniture that creates visual interest and curiosity either in the colour, shape, size or design.  A navy blue accent chair will pop in a space mixed with any of the colours listed above.

    1. Create a monochromatic design with navy blue

    navy blue monochrome living room

    It is said that when you are not sure of what colours to use in your new space, it is safe to go monochrome. A monochromatic colour scheme is simply using different shades and tint of a particular colour in the same area. To create this, you need to combine multiple shades of blue to make it work and create a relaxing atmosphere with harmony.


    I’m sure you are going to have fun designing your space with navy blue but note that your navy blue selection must not be plain but if you choose to, then go ahead. It’s best to spice it up with unique patterns, florals and different textures.

    I love feedback, if this has helped or will help your selection, please drop a comment and if you think some other tips will be helpful id be glad to read from you.

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