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7 Furniture Buying Mistakes to Avoid in Your Living Room

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The living room sofa is about the largest furniture piece in a living room and the most permanent item you can have in a living room and that is why it must be given keen attention and carefully selected. Oftentimes people just buy sofas because it's one of the living room must-haves and of course, you may need to sit at some point in your living room no matter how busy you are. Selecting furniture pieces and sofas ought to be done carefully, otherwise, you may end up with something you will dislike and probably regret even buying. 

In this blog, I'll point out a few furniture-buying mistakes that you must avoid when purchasing your new living room sofa sets.

  1. Don't go for cheap: no one really likes to spend money except when totally necessary. There's a high possibility that every cheap thing is of low quality and low standard. When people ask me the price of a sofa and I tell them the price, most times they say oh it's too much and they request a discount and an affordable one. I always state it clearly, this is the cost of a cheap one and it is of low quality but the durable one is this price, which is often a little more pricey…, you can't have a quality sofa set at a very cheap price. So except if you are looking for a temporary piece, then you can go cheap. But if your aim is to beautify and design a stylish space, avoid cheap low quality sofas. There are amazing furniture deals online that are affordable and probably on sale, these can always come in handy and we currently have a few Living room sofas on sale check them out here.    How do you know a quality sofa?          neutral living room sofa        
  2. Always Measure: This part is often neglected but it's one of the first things that must be done. You see, when you order a bespoke sofa set from Eunicon interior, we ensure that we send someone to your house or wherever the sofa set will be placed to measure the place so we can make a beautiful piece that will sit elegantly in the living room. A lot of people don't even have tapes let alone measure. They often just pick stuff from a showroom and have it delivered. So this is one of our unique offers when it comes to avoiding furniture mistakes and something led us to begin to do this because we made this same mistake of not measuring once. So the first time we started making sofas, we thought people would communicate if their apartment needed special furniture of some sort. So we went ahead and made this beautiful sofa set, but by the time they got to the delivery location, it was a 3-storey building and the staircase was really narrow so they couldn't get it to the apartment. Luckily, some magic happened and they had to get it up with ropes. That was an eye-opener for us and the client.          grey tufted living room sofa set
  3. Avoid following trends: trends come and go. I hate to go with trends although there are times you have to join the bandwagon but when it comes to interiors and very permanent fixtures like living room curtains and sofas, I always discourage trends and this is because they go as quickly as they come and you will be stuck in an old archaic style except if you have the money and time to jump on the next trend. I doubt if that's something you'd want to be doing because your home should have a personality. Instead of going with trends, go for simple patterns or plain but beautiful fabrics and sofa designs.          TRENDING SOFA DESIGN
  4. Don't let anyone talk you into buying what you aren't sure of: when you ask for too many opinions you may end up being confused. Before you buy a sofa, check out our sofa-buying guide so that you know what you are looking for. Oftentimes, salespeople are just interested in making sales and this is not to say that they don't understand their jobs but they can be compelling and they may convince you to get something you may not really like. But if you genuinely love their suggestion then go with it. Always ensure that whatever you eventually buy is your style in the colour, texture, style, shape and every other thing.          large grey living room L-shape-sofa
  5. Take your time to shop: if it's up to me, I wouldn't have showrooms for instant pickup for sofas because most times people just pick up items from a showroom and if it doesn't have anything that makes it unique to you, it will just look like an extension of the showroom. So if you have ample time on your hands, take your time to shop for sofas and living room furniture sets or better still just go for a bespoke sofa set. With that, you can decide on each component and how you want your living room sofas to look.          living room sofa set         
  6. Buy functional pieces and not just beautiful furniture: when planning spaces, we look to achieve aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. There are lots of sofas and furniture pieces that are just beautiful and not functional or comfortable enough for long seating, and we are well aware that living rooms are relaxing spaces and everything in it should perform that function. Some of those magazine sofas are meant to remain in the magazine because they are not all functional, especially some of those accent chairs. shop for a comfortable and functional sofa set for your living room.        
    Seat height: this is often overlooked. The height of the seat also determines how comfortable it's gonna be. A lot of contemporary sofa designs are very low and sleek. This may affect the ease of sitting and getting up from the sofa. Imagine that you have elderly people using those very low sofas, they will constantly be in discomfort. So always take note of the height in relation to the regular users of the sofa set. Check out some bespoke living room sofa designs by eunicon interior.low leather sofa

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