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I'm pretty sure everyone loves a good getaway and I've been to a couple of good Luxury Hotels and it felt like the sleep was sweeter (lol). mind you,This is not about food or great service I think its just because every single thing in there is meant to put you at ease and get you so comfortable that you wouldn't want to leave. So just imagine if you can feel this way every day, how you would like the idea of making your own bedroom feel like a luxury hotel bedroom?

So lets go over these 8 ways that would instantly turn your regular Bedroom to a Luxury Hotel Room.

  1. most luxury hotel rooms are usually white or neutral colours and I think it's because they expect a lot of people with different styles and taste to come in so it’s wise to play safe with colours so that anybody who comes in can feel really comfortable and at home away from home. Your first choice of Colour should be a neutral colour but because it’s your personal space you should select the best colours that suit your personality, it can always be accentuated with any wall treatment, decoration and accessories.                                                                                                          neutral hotel room                                                                 
  1. Your sheets and duvet are not left out; Make your bedding white, and pillow cases. Make sure your duvet is fluffy and full of Fiber as well as the pillows. it may be difficult to wash your duvet as frequently as hotels do, and you can’t certainly pile up white space consuming duvet so I would advise that you can use an old duvet but make multiple duvet covers so that you can easily take out the white cover or case and wash whenever without having to carry or pile up different duvets, just the same way you change your pillow cases.

           white bed sheet and duvet

  1.  Have at least four soft pillows on your bed and at least two throw pillows ,I think I have 5 I like to see pillows all over the place. The throw pillows can either be furry or regular comfy material. Another thing you should have on your bed is an overlay sash(bed runner). An overlay sash should be made luxury fabric and yet softs. in most hotels it would have the same material of fabric with the throw pillows, something matching; it just adds some Colour and style to the room.

         luxury hotel bedroom

  1. Lighting is a very important part of luxury bedrooms or hotel rooms you need to have bright lights as well as accent lights or mood light, you should also have a lamp stand or table lamp by your bed and if possible a control switch by your bed also so that you don't have to stand up to turn off or control the light.

             table lamp accent light

  1. Hotel beds are usually upholstery beds with high headboards or a beautiful bed made of fine wood, this kind of bed usually has a taste and feel of luxury. If your bed doesn't come with side drawers you can get bespoke Side stool to put your table lamp on or anything you’d want on need to also Invest in a good mattress ,a firm one or an Orthopedic one as is the case in most hotels, it’s not only comfortable and durable its safe for your back and physical well being

     upholstery large headboard bed

  1. How would you love to get off the bed and your feet Falls onto a very lush comfy surface . Get a good rug preferably a shaggy or furry rug the Rug could be any Colour as long as it fits with the general idea, theme or Colour of the bedroom. The size of the rug should be at your discretion. READ ALSO --------- HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME LOOK EXPENSIVE

        fur rug

  1. You need a good entertainment system, a nice big screen .Every hotel has that and you certainly don’t want to leave your bedroom to go watch TV in the living room that defeats the aim of your make shift hotel room.

       hotel room entertainment

8. Create a seating area for yourself and maybe a guest, luxury hotels have this, its typically a chair and a coffee table depending on how big your bedroom is ,so that you can lazy off your bed to the sofa and just keep lazying around.

     beautiful hotel room chairs

     Other things that can help you achieve this are;

  1. Make sure to de-clutter your space ,keep clothing in the wardrobe and shoes on rack.
  2. Clean your bedroom regularly.
  3. Keep the air clean and fresh and above all learn to turn off your phone (you don’t want to be trying to and someone is buzzing your phone…I hate that) sometime and order for food delivery.

Drop me a comment below on what you think and if there are other tips I missed out and you can shop for your luxury bedroom items here

you can watch how to easily turn your regular room to a luxury hotel room

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