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6 Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper for Every Room in your Home in 2023

simple luxury wallpaper interior design

You know by now that I love wallpapers I mean, why wouldn't anyone love wallpapers? They are so simple to install and it's an instant way to give your home or any space a facelift.

If you go to a wallpaper store and you don't already have a style in mind or a mood or scene you want to create with the wallpaper, you may be overwhelmed by the many options, colours and designs available. Whenever I go shopping for wallpapers, I either have a colour or colours in mind, a pattern I'm going for. it could be floral, geometric, horizontal or vertical, It could be anything really.

I don't want to dwell on the importance or benefits of wallpapers right now, today I want to focus on how to select the right wallpaper for your space, like what are the determining factors that will make you pick certain designs aside from the fact that it is appealing to your eyes. So in a bit, I'm gonna be sharing with you 6 things that determine what type of wallpaper to buy.

    1. The purpose of the space: this simply mean the function that space would offer. A space can be an office, a living room, a bedroom, a hallway, a nursery, kitchen, toilet/bathroom, yes a bathroom, you can sure use a wallpaper there too. Whatever space it is, when you have figured out the purpose, it will guide your choice and selection. Just imagine that you have to install wallpaper in a senior manager's office and while shopping you see some beautiful floral or flamingo wallpaper design and something keeps telling you to pick it, I beg you, say no to that voice( pretend to have an evil voice whispering to you), because although that wallpaper may be so beautiful, it would be totally inappropriate to have it in a formal setting of a senior managers office. What would be more appropriate is a bold geometric design, abstract design, horizontal design or even a flock textured plain wallpaper design. Also, note that it has to be a bright cool colour that suits an office environment. Know the purpose of the space and you will find selection pretty easy. The purpose of the space will equally determine the kind of material you should use, paper or vinyl? If it's a high traffic zone people will touch and dirty the wall often and it will need to be cleaned, in this situation a vinyl wallpaper will be suitable because it can be cleaned or washed
    2. The size of the room: wallpapers work just like colours. The size of your space determines what colours to paint it, if you have a small room you have to play safe with certain colours because it can make a small room look even smaller or make the same small room bigger. With wallpapers, a wrong choice for a small room will not only make your space smaller it will make it look clumsy and tasteless. With larger spaces, you have the luxury of doing whatever in the world you want but you must also make sure it's cohesive and aligns with the design and theme of the space. Wallpaper can be installed on the 4 walls of space but never with a single design, except if it's a plain wallpaper design. For a small room, avoid small print design, bricks, overly floral design. Instead, use bold designs and mix plain wallpapers with a patterned one to get that perfect look. What happens when you use small bold patterns is that it makes your space look super busy and clustered, and someone who is cluster phobic might feel overwhelmed and panic.
      elegant wallpaper design
    3. The height of the ceiling: this is another very important aspect. Not every space is built to the standard height of a room to at least 2.9 or 3m as a bungalow should be, although some could go higher than that, some others are built really low, as low as 1.8/1.9m, like what am I supposed to do with that? But if you, however, find yourself here where you have to deal with short heights, your best bet is to go with a vertical design. plain designs also work but vertical is best because the lines stretch upwards, it kind of gives an illusion of a taller wall. Avoid horizontal wallpaper designs because it will only make your short wall look like it's coming down. 
      vertical wallpaper design
    4. The intended design style: let's say you have the perfect height of a room and a sizable space with no problems, how do you select a wallpaper? There are several interior design styles; there's the shabby chick, gothic style, Victorian interior design style, contemporary interior design, modern interior design style etc and a few others. Knowing what interior design style you are going for will help you pick a wallpaper design. Just like the shabby chic interior design style, it always has a feminine look with a lot of floral feel and pastel colours. If you have to select a wallpaper for a shabby chic decor, it's obvious that a floral design will be the perfect selection for the space. To make this easy for you, when you pick an interior design style, just google the design style, for example, contemporary design wallpaper, shabby chic wallpaper etc. The best options for your interior design style will show on the Search engine result page (SERP).  
      shabby chic wallpaper design
    5. The area in your home: earlier I mentioned the purpose of the space, the particular area in your home is more defining. Let's say you have a hallway, maybe a narrow one, the best wallpaper for a short narrow wallpaper would be a horizontal design. Just like vertical wallpaper gives an illusion of more height, so also does a horizontal wallpaper give an illusion of length and depth. The wallpaper every area in your home need is different, know what each area needs and make it work. The area in your home will help you know whether to buy a water resistant type,i.e the one you can easily clean without damaging the paper. Those water resistant types are perfect for kitchens, some restroom designs and for hallways as well . but this does not mean that they should be limited to these areas, they can be used anywhere too. 
    • 6. The colour scheme: this seems like the easiest thing to do. Wallpaper is not an afterthought, it should be about one of the first things you select even if you aren't fixing it immediately. Just like when you are selecting the colour scheme for your home, (see how to select colours like a pro) pick the colours and decide what proportions you want to have them, then you can go shop for your wallpaper using other tips mentioned above.  textured flock wallpaper design

    How to make Wallpapers look Elegant

    There are so many ways to make wallpaper more than ordinary, like just installing it on the wall which is also beautiful. checkout other creative ways you can use wallpapers if you love them as I do. Below are some stylish ways.

    1. Using two different wallpapers in the same space: this can be a very tricky and the designs have to flow seamlessly through the space. You need to use borders or panels to separate both designs so that it doesn't look like you didn't have enough wallpaper to cover your wall.
    2. Use wainscoting and mould to give your space a luxurious look
    3. Use wallpapers to create accent walls and accent walls can be in any area of your home.

    Wallpaper remains one of the simplest and most affordable ways to transform any space instantly and give your home interior a facelift. If you like to DIY check how to install the wallpaper and how to measure for wallpaper installation.


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