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7 Creative Ways to use Wallpapers for your Home Decor

cool blue wallpaper

I've been asked a lot of questions about wallpapers, like, how do you use wallpaper creatively? what else can you use wallpapers for? what are the different ways to use wallpapers? if you are one of those in search of answers, I come bearing Six creative ideas on how to decorate your home with wallpapers.

Wallpapering is a cool way to cover your walls. I love wallpapers because you can achieve almost any kind of design, create a perfect scenery and even create a feeling with wallpapers at an inexpensive cost and within just a few hours. I used to think everyone loved wallpapers like I do until I met a friend who completely dislikes it, but wait a minute and think about the many things you can achieve with wallpapers. With the variety of designs available, you can have an instant makeover at home or anywhere you choose to install it. Wallpapers are easy to install without the mess when compared to painting, you can even have a customized design made for you to match with your sofa and anything else you want. 



The drawback with wallpaper is that it may be expensive at the instant but in the long run, you’d realize it is cost-effective because no form of maintenance will be required whatsoever.

Wallpapers are usually just placed on a plain wall, either on one side of the room or on a single wall in the room, whichever way you place the wallpaper, it will come out beautiful and elegant. There are other innovative and amazing ways that you can also install wallpapers in different areas of your home without overwhelming you or your space.



1. Frames: wallpaper frames are unique, you can use them as both wall-covering and accessories. To do this, buy a wall frame and replace the picture inside with wallpaper or get an empty one and place your wallpaper in it. This will look amazing if you group the frames so that there’s some repetition and continuity in the space. If you like a bigger frame, design a bespoke sized frame and place your wallpaper in it. You can cover the frame with a glass or leave it open however you desire. There are so many amazing frame designs with luxurious looks that will add some glam to your decor. This wallpaper idea is removable and can be changed or taken down like every other kind of wall frame.




2. Trims and moulding: mouldings are usually done with POP material, so you can mould any shape and size then place your wallpaper in it. Trims also come in self-adhesive designs and other types are installed with bond glue or gum. After measuring your trims, place them in the right spots, or a frame-like design then place your wallpaper just right in. This is a more permanent design compared to the framed wallpaper.




3. Inner shelves: this style can work for any area. Use this for your old or new shelf, it beautifies your shelf and makes it a focal point especially if it is a big display shelf with some accessories. It will draw the eyes to the shelf to admire the accessories on display. Use this for your bookshelves, show glass, kitchen cabinets etc, it will instantly give it a different unique look.



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4. Wallpaper on doors: I tried this for the first time some months ago and I loved the new look. So I had these 2 old brown doors in the house and I was considering changing them because they were no longer appealing and I hated the coffee-brown colour and they were also not going to fit into the new makeover look I wanted to achieve. Painting the doors was an option but it would have been time-consuming and a little more expensive, So I opted for an off-white wallpaper, and in a few minutes I was able to cover the doors, it was so pretty and calming. So try this on your old doors if you also just want a different feel in your space. Find out what works for you, what design will suit your space and what can perfectly blend with other pieces in your space.



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5. Beneath the stairs: this may not apply to everyone because we all don’t have staircases at home. But if you do, you should definitely try this. Measure the staircase and place the wallpaper just beneath each stair, it will have a visual impact on the stairs and make it look elegant. It will also emphasize the length of the staircase and each stair.




6. To cover furniture: this is a very handy tip and it is perfect for old furniture pieces. You can cover a full cabinet, wardrobe, TV console and any wooden piece at home. Some furniture pieces have sentimental value, we just never wanna let it go no matter how faded it is. this should be your go-to wallpaper idea in situations like that. The uniqueness of these wallpaper covering ideas is that you can afford to switch things up at any time and give no room for boring and dull spaces. 





7. kitchen backsplash: backsplash or splashback ,they can be used interchangeably depending on where you live. what is a backsplash?  A backsplash is a panel behind a sink or cooker that protects the wall from splashes.

different types of materials are used for backsplash like wood,tile glass etc.

but you can also add wallpaper as a cheaper form of designing a splashback. To do this, measure the space you would like to cover,then paste the wall paper on it. It's advisable that you use a water proof cleanable wallpaper or place a sheath of acrylic glass over it and screw it to the wall. How to make a splash back with wallpaper.

wallpaper kitchen splasback

Another benefit of creatively using wallpapers for your home decor is that you save some money while doing this. So, instead of changing your doors or cabinet or maybe spraying it with a different colour, you can do a simple DIY wallpaper installation trick. you can do this with a regular wallpaper or the self-adhesive type, anyone works as long as it can transform the look of your space.


Does this sound like something you’d like to try? Let me know which one you would try first, I’m guessing the door? or shelf? I'd like to hear some more ideas, so drop a comment below and let's have fun decorating.

By the way, if you don’t know how to install wallpaper, this is how to easily install 3d panels and wallpapers

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