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Wall treatment is vital for every space,it helps define the essence of the space. Do you know that no matter how stylish and expensive you furnish a space it would never look glam or beautiful if you don't fix the wall .So How do you like your walls plain, simple, interesting or dramatic? If you love it plain and simple it's ok to just go ahead and paint it but I personally don't like paint not because its not beautiful or anything of the sort but it's just regular and somewhat boring when the entire space is plainly painted. Your space pops more when you have an accent wall and this accent wall can be achieved by either painting your focal wall with a unique colour or adding a different wall treatment.So if you are like me and you want a little more extra on your walls there are a few things you can do on your walls to make it exceptional.

Here are 2 simple things: 3D panels and wallpaper . There are however  other wall treatments that you can use like cladding, tiling, bricks faux wall, wooden panel etc but these two are the simplest and cheapest that quickly comes to mind and you can do yourself DIY.

Below are some reasons why you should either choose wallpapers or 3D panels



  1. wallpapers are cheaper than 3D panels. It is the first go to when you want something extraordinary for your wall on an average wallpaper cost between 3000-6 thousand Naira depending on your location and the design you're buying.                                                                                               
  2. wallpapers are sold in square metres or rolls are 5 square metres, 7 square metre and 10 sqm . A roll costs between 3 to 6000 Naira so before you buy make sure you accurately measure your wall in order to buy the number of rolls required.                                                                                      
  3.  wallpapers are unique and beautiful and they have a lot of designs like floral, patterned, landscape and other beautiful designs to help achieve your specific  interior needs.

Wallpapers have a life of 5 years at least that's if the Walls don't get moist. Moist and leaking walls can destroy your wallpaper overtime. So if you have a bad wall learn how to deal with dampness in your wall ,fix it first then go ahead and install the wallpaper.

3D Panels

3d wall panel

    1. 3D panels are not too expensive but it costs a  little more than wallpaper. The price of a 3D panel ranges between four to six thousand Naira ,but  the fibre or plastic one but for the leather padded ones are much more expensive and  cost a lot more than that because they are more luxurious,beautiful, leather and do not need any painting or maintenance after installation.

    2. 3Ds are sold in square metres as well it comes in four squares or two squares of your choice design that makes up a square metre .You also need to measure accurately before you purchase so that you spend your money wisely and not have a lot of wasted panels laying around.
    1. 3d panels  have some sort of limitation because they come with heavy patterns and designs you cannot put all of it throughout a room because it will look too busy ,clumsy and probably make your space look is best used to highlight ,accentuate a part of a space or a focal point.                     
    2. 3D lasts way longer than wallpaper or regular painted wall. That  is why it is advised that you paint after installation with satin paint or silk paint so that you can easily clean off  any dirt or stains especially if it's white.

    3D panels and wallpapers are both DIY as long as you know your measurement and have an installation KIT, wallpaper installed with Top bond glue 3D panel is installed with Evo Stik  that is  your regular shoe gum. However there are other glues you can use to install 3D panels. Check out how to install 3d panels and wallpaper.

    Selecting a wall treatment should be easy for you,if you still can't make a decision yet just paint your walls with exciting and inspiring colours you can try geometric painting design,you should check out how to select colours for your new space.

    So hey if you just moved into a new apartment or are just bored of your wall treatment,this would be a great time to try something new. i'd be happy to hear what you have chosen.



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