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Artificial Plant buying Guide (FAQ) 5 things to know before buying Artificial Plants

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Greenery does well to liven and beautify any space. In fact, plants are a must for me when I'm designing or decorating any space and it doesn't matter whether they are live or artificial plants and flowers, they both seem to perform the same function. Although there may be some other benefits and disadvantages of having (artificial/life plant)  either of them but whatever the case may be, they are both perfect for decorating and beautifying any space at all, both indoors and outdoors. 

People tend to ask a lot of questions and have concerns when it comes to artificial plants. I’ll try to answer those questions concisely as brief as possible.

5 Things to know before Buying an Artificial Plant

  1. What are artificial plants? As we know, anything that is not real and natural is fake and artificial. Artificial plants are an imitation of real plants that are made to serve almost the same purpose. Artificial plants can also be called fake plants, faux plants, synthetic plants, plastic plants etc. artificial banana plant
  2.  Where can I buy an artificial plant? Artificial plants are sold in interior decor shops, home improvement stores, artificial plant sellers, and many online e-commerce stores like Eunicon interior. No matter where in the world you are, you can simply search for where to buy artificial plants near me and You will see lots of options in your search query or you can as well just shop for fake plants right here on this website and we’ll have them delivered to you. 
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  3. How much do artificial plants cost? We always insist that artificial plants are less expensive compared to live plants. There are different types of fake artificial plants, different sizes and purposes. Whatever reason you need one for, the average cost of a fake table-sized potted artificial plant is #4,000. Depending on where you are buying from, a medium height artificial plant goes for about 30- 60,000 and a taller one should cost about 80-90,000 excluding the planters. You can contact us directly to be sure what your space needs and how much it would cost. We offer interior consultation services both online and physically.    
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  4.  Where can I use an artificial plant? Fake plants have no limitations unlike real plants that can be fragile, these faux plants do not need sun, water, fertilizer or any other thing to survive. This means you can shove them in a cupboard or a show glass and they would still look great when you take them out. Artificial plants can be used in the living room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, the kitchen, and in the hallway/ staircase. The office is not an exception, you can have small fake plants on your desks, shelves and cabinets, in your reception area and in virtually any space. If you don't have enough floor space for plants, go for wall plants or fake hanging plants. Artificial plants can also be used outdoors in your garden and front porch, don't think because it's outside, it has to be live plants. Decorate your front porch with artificial plants and enjoy some greenery in your space.
  5.  Is it safe to use artificial plants at home? Artificial plants are safe for both humans and pets. That's the good thing about artificial plants, no allergens. the materials are Eco friendly, hence there's nothing to worry about when it comes to fake plants.
  6. How many Plants can I put in my Living room: There's no specific number required for any space. Plants are used for beautification and sometimes to fill up awkward empty spaces. So if you find your living room needing more plants then feel free to get more beautiful artificial plants. If you choose to create a serene garden setting in your living room then that's fine, if you also just need some decor greenery ,that's also fine. Do what appeals to you and the more the better.  living room plants

Don't know where to place artificial plants in your home or the type and size that would fit perfectly in your space, or looking for a nice plant to cover that awkward empty space? Chat with us and let's see how we can transform your space with our wide variety of plants collection.

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