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7 Benefits Of Decorating Your Living room/Space With Artificial Plants

living room indoor artificial plant

Plants remain an essential part of your home decor but the argument of whether artificial or live plants are best remains inconclusive. Greeney seems to play a major role in beautification and relaxation anywhere you find them. We shared an article on 5 reasons to include plants and flowers in your home decor,If you aren't a plant person, this article should change your mind. Today's article is however going to focus on artificial plants, with a little comparison to living plants.

A few months ago, I met a new client who needed a full interior design plan for her newly acquired apartment. While we were going over the basic living room must-haves, I included plants and artificial potted plants to be precise, and then she went on and on about how she prefers live plants, I gave her some strong reasons why we should go for artificial plants instead of living indoor plants and thankfully, she bought the idea. I love live plants but there are times live plants just won't do it.  

So I'm sharing with you reasons you should pick artificial plants over live plants.

For starters, what are artificial plants?

Artificial plants are an imitation of real natural plants for either residential or commercial decorations and beautification. Artificial plants used to look so fake and cheap because of the kind of material used for production but in recent times artificial plants are even looking more appealing than some real plants. Fake plants look so real that I can almost not tell the difference when I see them outside, sometimes, I even have to pinch the leaves to be sure, that's if I'm close enough to do that.

 Benefits of Choosing Artificial Plants for your Home

  1. Maintenance: this is one of my major concerns when it comes to living indoor plants. Some plants are rugged and don't require special care but most often than not, live indoor plants need regular watering, sunlight, fertilizer, trimming and weeding as the case may be. This sounds super easy, right? Until you have to go on a trip for weeks and are unable to give it the daily water dose and care or are too busy to trim it and that's when you will realize that an artificial indoor plant is best for you. This was one of the reasons I told the client, that she travels a lot and will have no one home while she's away, so why suffer a pretty life plant? With artificial plants and flowers, little or no maintenance is required because it stays as fresh as it was when it was delivered. The easiest way to maintain an artificial fake indoor plant is by cleaning the dust off it with a wet piece of towel and this is done once in a while when the plant needs it, other than that, the artificial plant stays fresh all year long.                                                                              Cleaning artificial plants
  2. Cost-effective: At this instance, it may look like an Artificial indoor living room plant is expensive but when you think of the cost of maintaining or growing a live plant to maturity, then you would realize that an artificial plant offers you much more than you can get from a live plant. Live plants most often come as seedlings or in very small pots and as they grow bigger you would need to buy bigger pots if they survive if not, you will have to keep replacing your live indoor plants as often as they wither (sounds so sad). I can show you where to get the best artificial plants in Lagos at affordable prices, you can also just search online for artificial plant sellers near you and get yourself an artificial office plant or artificial plant for living rooms.
  3. Multiple choices: They say variety is the spice of life and I can't stress that any further. When we design home interiors, the options are always enormous, from the bamboo artificial plant, duck foot artificial plants, banana plants, large and small artificial plants, snake plants and lots more decorative artificial plants. Some plants can’t grow or survive in certain geographical locations, this means that no matter how much you admire the plant you can never grow it in your region. Artificial plants have removed the geographical barrier, now you can have any beautiful plant you want anywhere in the world and they are not so expensive. You can even order for bespoke sizes because there are no limitations to what you can get, check out our artificial plant collection, I'm certain you would love them.multiple plant choices
  4. Availability of design size: I can't be planning to design a bedroom or a living room space and also be thinking of how to grow the plants to the size that I want. Some parts of the home or office require small artificial plants while some others need a tabletop artificial plant and planter some parts like the staircase landing or the hallway need a large /tall artificial plant. Artificial plants offer that availability, and ease of purchase. If I want a 5ft plant to sit in the corner of a living room I can easily get that, if I also want an artificial plant for bedrooms, a medium height one, I can easily lay my hands on that. There are also beautiful small fake artificial plants for the kitchen and bathrooms that would look great. Bringing in a mature live plant into new space may not be such a great idea, it may wither after a few weeks because the condition in the space may not be favourable for it. Check our artificial plant collection and see which suits your space best.artificial plants & decorative Planter
  5. Survives in any temperature and weather:  A friend of mine was telling me about how sad her aunt gets during the winter. She has a little garden with a lot of rose flowers, during summer everything flourishes and plants bloom. It's just a beautiful time of the year but then, by the end of summer, the roses begin to fade away and eventually wither. While she said this to me I could feel the sadness she endured every single time it was a season change. But hey it doesn't have to be this way, some beautiful artificial plants and faux flowers look as real as they can get. With those fake plants, you can do whatever you want, the only difference is that they may not produce the fragrance and a few other benefits of live plants in your indoor space.
  6. Can be used Indoors and Outdoor: Artificial faux plants are not solely for indoor use. You can design your outdoor garden space with beautiful fake artificial plants, flowers and even artificial trees, this is also a good time to use artificial grass or faux turf. Just as artificial plants remain fresh when used indoors, it even makes it easier when used outside. here, it will require no maintenance at all.                                                                                          
    artificial indoor & outdoor plant
  7. No Mess: Real plants are like babies that always need your full time and attention. You feed them and then you clean up their mess. Just like that blooming tree in your backyard that messes up the ground with dry falling leaves, live indoor plants also mess up your living space with leaves. Also, when you wet the plants, the water will often spill to the ground or drip after a couple of minutes. Fake artificial plants don't shed nor do they need to be catered and cared for, so you save some time attending to your personal need rather than tending to a real plant.

The benefits of artificial fake plants are enormous, live plants attract insects because it's only normal for them to interact but artificial plants have no such thing as insects coming to pollinate or enjoy anything from a live plant.

Add some greenery to your space today and make your space look fantastic and expensive. I know you may still have some questions like, where can I buy an artificial plant? how much do artificial plants cost? Where can I use an artificial plant? is it safe to use artificial plants at home? Drop a comment below let's talk more about it and please share this article with the buttons below, if you found this helpful.

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