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Wooden Glass Modern Bookshelf Cabinet

Wooden Glass Modern Bookshelf Cabinet

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Modern Steel Filling Cabinet With Full Double Glass Door cabinet.

this is a contemporary and modern  cabinet. aside from the function of keeping files and other items safe, it also functions as an aesthetic piece of furniture.

the natural wooden colour makes it easy to fit perfectly with any colour blend, so don't be bothered about your office interior and colour mix.

it, however, has several compartments which makes labeling and file storage easy so that you can find your documents with ease. and the glass door enables quick sighting even before you open it up so that you easily know where to look.

it also has a key that gives access to only those who you want to have access to certain sensitive documents.

some features and specifications include:

    • This storage cabinet has got 2 door wings, is gray in color. It has a height of 200 cm, a width of 80 cm and a depth of 40 cm
    • Type:Office Furniture,Specific Use:Filing Cabinet,General Use,Commercial Furniture