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wicker outdoor garden furniture

Wicker Table and 4 Chairs

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Wicker Table and 4 Chairs

make the most of your garden with our attractive Rattan furniture and outdoor collection  that’s stylish and practical. It’s perfect for all weather, making this outdoor furniture an ideal investment that’ll last year after year. Choose from our rattan tables and chairs, sofas or Rattan bistro sets to suit your garden design.

This design consists of a table and 4 chairs with cushion. This is a modern and contemporary design you need in your space. 

Its always lovely to sit out especially when the weather is calm and soothing. However, not every kind of furniture is good for outdoor relaxation. The best types to use are either plastic, rattan, wooden(relative) or metallic chairs and this is because they cannot absorb water which in turn makes it suitable for all weather both rain and sunshine that way you can comfortably leave them outside.
The most recommended is the rattan furniture because its more durable than the others and it can serve both indoor and out as well.

Sun However you like to relax outside, we have the outdoor garden furniture for you. From hammocks and loungers to dining tables and chairs – we have them all and they can also be redesigned to suit your taste and style.

view more of this High back outdoor Rattan chairs   here as well as other pool and outdoor furniture.

    • its easy to maintain
    • perfect for all weather
    • and with the table
    • 4 rattan chairs
    • assembly is not required
    • items can be bought individually
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