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steel wooden elegant office desk

White steel 1.2m Wooden Office Desk

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1.2m steel wooden Office Desk

Whether its a small office or large office space , we have the best office tables that suits your need. this elegant 1.2meters office desk/table is durable and beautiful, its colour is a perfect neutral match to major office colours. order for a table today and have it delivered same-day, buy affordable furniture in surulere Lagos state and be rest assured to get value for your money.

SPECIFICATIONS of this 1.2moffice desk INCLUDE;

Size: W 1200mm x D 700mm x H 750mm (1.4 mts)

Colour: walnut& white 

No. of drawers: 3 Features: Scratch Proof, Heat Resistance, Water Proof Fixed drawer pedestal to fit these desks only

Three shallow drawers (centrally lockable) W 410mm x D 600mm x H 600mm Dimensions: Width – 1200mm Depth – 700mm Height – 750mm

this 1.2m small office desk is also perfect for your home office too.