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white royal center table

White royal Center table

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this beautiful center piece should be in yours,its durable and easy to Assemble with high-quality glass which Gives your home perfect . this glass center table can also be used in the office as well.
its a classic design, the very best for your home decor and comfort. It's a tempered glass table which gives you more rest of mind cause it doesn't easily break or cave in. 
This center table standard quality has everything to  offer in definition of a home,boldness of any home.. This Center Table with good standing posture.Very strong and long lasting.Durable.Compliments your living room and adds beauty and balance, eunicon furniture is reliable,we supply good and affordable products

some features include;

  • Color: WHITE
  • Main Material: WOOD GLOSS
  • Weight (kg): 20
  • Measures 1200X700X450