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1.8M front office reception desk

Front Office Reception Desk 1.8m White Desk

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your front office speaks a lot about your organization, that's why we offer this awesome rectangle-shaped reception desk 1.8m  it is Elegant and stylish, this reception desk is the perfect product for your office and any space that requires first-hand meeting and direction of customers or people. it features some tabletop marble details which add some pop of texture to the stylish white background which in turn gives your front office an outstanding look. it has a double-sized table which offers more personal space for also has a  storage area which can be used for keeping documents and other personal stuff that needs to be kept from prying eyes.
This rectangle-shaped reception desk has interesting and functional compartmentalization to meet all your desire or purposes. It produces that touch of class, elegance, and structure to your office space. It is durable and made with the highest attention to detail.

we deliver within and outside Lagos. this is how to design a perfect front office reception area or hire an interior designer from eunicon interior to beautify your office space.

we also have reception chairs both for visitors and the receptionist, buy more here and other office furniture , be sure to get best prices possible on our furniture store.