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living room sofa

Tufted 6 Sitter L-shape sofa ( Bespoke )

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I bet your home also needs this beautiful 5 sitter L-shape sofa. this sofa is uniquely designed for you ,it is soft and comfy and very durable.its made of fine soft fabric,high density foam and fibre with 2 cyinder shaped throw pillows.

the colour is mild and friendly which makes it possible to fit into any color of space,it has a unique flower pattern that adds some 'chickyness' to it with a good number of throw pillows to cuddle and play around with.

this 5 sitter L-shape sofa is not just for homes and living rooms,it can also be used in large office spaces ,lounges and waiting areas. you can get this and more from our home furniture category 

this Suede Velvet 5 Sitter L-shape sofa is made with fine suede fabric that is soft on the skin. its a bespoke custom made design, made only on request. this means you can have any colour you want and you can even select the type of fabric you want.

it comes just as it looks expect on special requests by the buyer. This living room sofa set will be available for delivery in 10 working days. we deliver within and outside lagos state nigeria.

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buy bespoke and custom made furniture in surulere lagos, colour variation and tweaks are available