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supermarket shelves/racks

supermarket shelves/racks

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Our premium 5 tier supermarket shelves/racks creates a storefront that is appealing to consumers, it as well  allows you to utilise every inch of usable space in your store.

These versatile and functional supermarket shelves/racks are available in simple to set up, DO-IT-YOURSELF kits (DIY). They are easily moveable, detachable and adjustable to speciallyb  meet your display needs.
it is however built For durability, the steel material is finished with powder coated paint.

Gondola supermarket shelves/rack is the choice for business owners in a wide variety of industries.
They are ideal for retail outlets (supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, Bread stand, etc.).


  •  Easy to assemble.

  •  Moveable, and detachable.

  •  Shelves spacing are adjustable..

  •  Scratch resistant  paint finish.

  •  High load carrying capacity.

  •  Ideal for retail outlets.

  •  Size : 900 x 540 x 1800 mm (single)

  • supermarket shelves / racks