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Small Steel Glass Shelf Cabinet

Small Steel Glass Shelf Cabinet

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buy Short Glass Display Cabinet or Small Cabinet with Glass Doors. its perfect for your small and big office,the neutral colour makes it appealing to suit your office space. it serves both as storage cabinet as well as book shelf.

Size(mm) : 900(H) x 900(W) x 400(D)

Packing size(mm): 930(H) x 930(W) x 150(D)

G.W.: 22kg 


  • High quality cold-rolled steel plate
  • Surface: electrostatic powder coating
  • Knock-down structure which is easy for transportation and could be assembled within 6~10mins.
  • Easy to open/close sliding door
  • No space occupied when door opens
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Shelf bearing load 45~60kg
  • Steel and glass door for options.
  • Smooth tracks
  • Different size and colour available
  • Optional handles for your choice.