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Sleek Leather Executive Director Chair

Sleek Leather Executive Director Chair

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Sleek Leather Executive Director Chair is a high back chair with aluminium details. our executive director leather chair is available in white colour. this is a modern and contemporary and unique design, it is fully padded and provide ultimate comfort.

This is a very modern-looking chair with an ingenious seat and back. It looks like one graceful piece. But for added comfort and give, it is actually two pieces, separate seats and backs. There is a space where the two would ordinarily come together. The result is remarkable comfort in the very classy chair. Gorgeous.

area of use of Sleek Leather Executive Director Chair

    • office space
    • home office
  • conference rooms etc.
  • Available in white and black colours, shop online or visit our offline store.  
    • Product Dimensions: Length (19 inches), Width (13 inches), Height (22 inches)
    • Primary Material: Leatherette
    • Colour: White, Finish: Matt, Style: Modern
    • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions
    • Warranty: 1 year on product
    • This chair is made from mesh, which enhances lumbar support and it features 5 locking positions, knee tilt mechanism for easy recline action, and is designed to be used at offices, institutions and study room