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Sleek Conference Table

Sleek Conference Table

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10- seater Conference Table

no matter the size of your meeting space, we always have something to fit your space just like our 10 seater conference table.

Our conference tables are designed for productive face-to-face team building and cooperation meetings.

these tables are available in many multi-functional shapes and sizes to specifically fit your company's needs.
Enjoy comfortable seating for a variety of group sizes, from four people upwards.

some of the features 10 seater Conference Table includes thus;

    •  Quality new conference table
    •  Seats 10 persons comfortably
    • Sturdy, durable, and scratch-resistant
    • Thermally fused laminate for durability
    • PVC edge banding resists dents.
    • Easily disassembled for relocating.

this seater conference table is however easy to assemble and maintain.

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