Crowd Control Barrier

Crowd Control Barrier

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  • • Keeps waiting lines more organized.
    • Heavy duty domed bases with bottom rubber.
    • Bottom rubber seal prevents floor scratching.
    • Durable polished stainless steel poles.
    • High quality velvet fabric ropes – 5 ft (1.5 meter) long.
    • Ideal for movie theaters, banquet halls, hotels,  amusement parks, restaurants, church, banks, airport, hospital, e


crowd control barrier Stanchions are a perfect way to guide your customers in a specific direction and keep waiting in lines more organized. its however Best to call it Queue Manager.

Our crowd control stanchions features thus includes;

its ultra strong, heavy and stable domed base, minimises  the risk of tipping or falling during use.
because they are made from Stainless steel materials provides durable rust free items which are as long lasting as they are attractive and aesthetically appealing.
They also come with a full rubber seal around the bottom, ensuring that they won’t scratch your floors.

We offer the most complete line up for crowd control barrier stanchions in Nigeria.

Our inventories of crowd control stanchions include Retractable belt, Decorative Velvet Rope stanchions and Wall Mounts.
Braided barrier ropes which are made from high quality nylon, and come in three standard colours: which are Red, Black & Blue.
Our extensive variety of portable posts will enhance any decor for use in airports, banks, lobbies, theaters, hotels, museums, car shows, warehouses, churches and much more.

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