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our rectangle foldable plastic  table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
The easy-to-maintain and durable smooth surface is very easy to keep clean.

Along with various other uses, these tables are ideal for the garden, parties, bbq’s, market stalls and trade shows. Ideal for almost any activity, but especially favoured by events organizers, education establishments, exhibition organisers, boot sales, community centres and caterers

Whether It is hosting a community event for hundreds or a party at home for five, our folding plastic banquet table is a friend for life and all its occasions.

It’s pertinent to realize that pictures of product do not mostly depict quality. Product manufacturers endeavor to specify the quality of the metal or plastic materials. Therefore, whether for the office, home, public or industry, make sure you understand that where to buy the foldable plastic top table displayed for sale is as important as the best price you pay. you can view our outdoor furniture category and school furniture here

some features of this rectangle foldable plastic table;

    • Tough, stain resistant plastic top.
    • Removable legs for easy storage and transportation

    • Sits 4persons, indoor and outdoor.

    • Ideal for: garden, bbq's, restaurant.

    • Excellent as dining table for kids.


    • Dimension :  L 137 x W 85 x H 70 cm