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Petit Slim Throw Pillow

Petit Slim Throw Pillow

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Eunicon interior selects the best pillows with comfortable fabrics that serves as both accessories and Huggies to cuddle as well as provide comfort for your head to rest. buy fur pillows, satin pillows. suede pillows and also regular sleeping pillows here. you can request for a bespoke colour and size of your choice send a message to us on Whatsapp or an email to confirm your bespoke choice,  amazing discounted items here and more. shop online or visit our online store in surulere Lagos.

features of Bubble Extra Large Sleeping Pillow (36 X 20)

Pillow can be held while on the couch or on your bed. It is slim size and soft and soft feels gives that comfort and tender feel as you hold and cuddle.

Product Features
- Size: 29 by 12.5
- Weight: 57.4g hollow fibre infill 
- Colour: Mixed 
- Fabric: 100% sealed up cotton