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Monaco mesh swivel Chair with headrest

Monaco mesh swivel Chair with headrest

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 New  revolving mesh swivel Chair, general managers, and secretary series, it can likewise be used for staff and anyone in the office space. it's specifically Comfortable and stylish to meet contemporary needs.

    • Ergonomic and contemporary design
    • Combination of mesh and fabric for extra comfort
    • Convenient and comfortable armrest
    • Stylish and sturdy
  • Mesh Back Rest
  • Fabric Seat
  • Fiber Plastic Body
  • Back Rest Adjustable
  • Step Locking
  • Adjustable Arms (Up & Down)
  • Adjustable Height
  • Noise Free Wheels

here are also some equally important specifications;

    • Breathable Black mesh
    • Back and mesh fabric seat
    • Padding, oil, and water resistance
    • Comfortable armrests
    • 360-degree swivel wheel and chair can run smoothly on the floor
    • Height adjusted by Pneumatic Gas Lift
    • Adjustable seat height for the best and most comfortable sitting posture
    • The steady and fantastic star base
    • Weight limit: 120kg/264lbs  .            you can similarly get emel vigor mesh chair buy here too
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