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Modern Executive Office Desk  1.8m
1.8m executive office desk
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Modern Executive Office Desk 1.8m

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Simple new design luxury executive l-shape modern steel office table

how do you feel working executive office desk? its not only a good feeling it also gives you ample working space, enough to spread your work and easily find your document. we are experts in interior and space planning. so we always ensure that amidst beauty and aesthetics that functionality is also key. we try to advice and enhance comfort in the work space that is why we advise our clients .we show them options on the best kind of furniture to buy. This is also depending on who is using it and where.


measures 1.8 meters

made of steel legs

anti scratch wooden top

L-shape desk with extension

this executive office desk is great for directors and managers because it suits the work they perform. we have a lot of other office furniture and desk, you can view and make more choices

this table comes with an extended area that has drawers and more compartments for files and other documents. it also has a key so that you can lock up sensitive documents away.

we deliver nationwide