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Metal Wall Decorative Hanging Multi-purpose Shelf

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Hexagon Wall Hanging Shelf Extra Large Modern Wood Metal Decorative Honeycomb Mounting Floating Shelf Hexagonal Metal Wall Decorative Hanging Multi-purpose Shelf for Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Office Corner Room Geometric Decor

Create a unique, stylish look for your home. This hexagon shape wooden mounted hanging shelf is the perfect decoration no matter where you place it in your home. It can be hung in bedrooms over your nightstand to showcase your family photo frames. It can be placed in your living room to display cool art, crystal, gem stones, essential oil and other trinkets. It can hang in your bathroom or nursery and act as a cute bookshelf to hold plant, book and other objects

this product comes in a package and need no expertise to setup.

This shelf is simple but versatile. It can give a modern or even a rustic look. It also holds plenty. With these wall mounted shelving units and storage solutions, you can keep all your accessories neat and tidy while decorating your bedroom, office, living room or anywhere you like.

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