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Metal Door filing storage cabinet

Metal Door filing storage cabinet

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the metal filing storage cabinet is an attractive office storage cabinet, it's a hon brigade 700 series 42-inch lateral file storage cabinet. Our metal cupboard cabinet is perfect for storing a multitude of items safely and securely. They lend themselves to a huge range of storage needs including office equipment and consumables, industrial instrumentation, office files. The powder coating finish on the metal cupboard cabinet is robust and scratch-resistant. the cabinet Shelves can be adjusted to provide various storage heights each can carry a 70-75Kg load with a large margin of safety. The tough reinforced doors of our metal cupboard cabinet feature a high-quality recessed chrome handle with an integral  3-way bolting device ( 2 bolts shooting up and down and 1 bolt shooting to the side) which is in turn secured by a lock with 2 original keys. All our metal cupboard cabinets have multiple bend construction for greater rigidity and durability.

tips for choosing a lateral file cabinet filing and storage cabinets, office file storage equipment learn about all the options in one filing and storage cabinet on our blog.

some of the features include;

    • Full door opening Cupboard.

    • Strong and sturdy steel construction.

    • 75kg capacity per shelf level.

    • Powder-coated finish.

    • 4 shelves adjustable to desired spacing

    • Flush twist locking handle

    • Suitable for home and office use.


    • Flat carton pack. Size: L914xD400xH1800 mm

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