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Meena L-shape bespoke sofa

Meena L-shape bespoke sofa

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Meena L-shape sofa is a simple comfy design that can fit perfectly into small spaces, however, colour variations can be requested for. it is basically a 4/5 seater sofa,it can as well be seperated and used individually depending on the purposed its required for.

it can be specifically designed to suite your space and taste, especially if you want something other than what is here.

most of our sofas are bespoke and are therefore made on request. this particular set is mint green colour.

meen l-shape sofa is well cushioned for extra comfort .

meena l-shape sofa is  in addition is made of the best quality of materials,that is; high foam density and quality fibre. it also Comes with 4 multicolored  throw pillows of your choice.

Color variations available on request.

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