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6 sitter dining table set

Luxury Faux Marble/Sintered Stone Dining Table 6 sitter

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The splendor chair that we have shown blends elements of the Gothic era with a contemporary shape, creates an attractive and cosmopolitan look incorporated into any interior design. All the materials used in the construction of this piece of furniture are of the finest quality, and the whole piece has been crafted with precision. It is available in black and white, making it suitable for use in the dining hall, TV room, corridor, workplace tea break, and indoor and outdoor settings for a regal style with refinement to fit in any interior. 

- High-polish frames in gold, and high-density foam cushions in luxurious faux leather, the chairs set a solid new look.

- Comfort and support are provided by the cross-shaped legs made of stainless steel and ergonomic back.

- White PU leather seat and quilted backrest, mixing a tinge of contemporary flair to sleek lines. 

- Product Care: Wipe with clean cloth and mild soap, when needed.

* Ideal For All Living Rooms 
* Made Of High-Quality Material
* Durable Easy To Assemble
* Movable And Multipurpose 
* Create The Needed Space

available to be shipped outside Lagos 

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