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tufted lshape sofa set

Italian Leather tufted Sofa

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this Leather tufted Sofa is more than just have a piece of furniture at home. if you have ever owned a leather piece of furniture you would know the benefits that comes with it. because its made from real animal skin it is durable and lasts for up to ten years.

Leather tufted Sofa is easy to maintain as it only requires some form of treatment or just cleaning with damp towel.  this beautiful leather sofa is also  available in cream and black is durable and adds a taste of luxury to your home or office  its simple yet loud. we have a wide range of home and living room furniture that you can select from to suit your immediate need and budget.

area of use;


    • living room
    • hotels
    • office space
    • event and big occasions
    • lounges and bars
    • and generally any space that requires luxury seating.

it can also be used outdoor but it must be properly covered when not in use to protect it from harsh sunlight and rain.

leather sofas

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