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Glass gold side stool

Glass gold side stool

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A set of 3 pieces stool with luxury stainless steel

eye-catching and elegant table from all angles, the modern look of your home or office will be completed with these stools and our elegant home furniture. The table is distinguished for more than one reason in the metal base of the table giving it the perfect modern, simple and solid look in addition to a luxurious blend of manufacturing materials that make it A distinctive piece wherever it is placed. The Modern Company for the production of metal furniture, made in Egypt.


There are three coffee tables in the set.

It consists of tempered glass and metal legs.

Its feet are golden in colour.

Glasses are filmed and reflective.

Coffee table 1: (width: 40 cm / depth: 35 cm / height: 45 cm)

Coffee table 1: (width: 45 cm / depth: 40 cm / height: 50 cm)

Coffee table 1: (width: 50 cm / depth: 45 cm / height: 55 cm)


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