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Front Pedal Green 120 litre waste bin

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disposing of trash can be such a big deal, this green 120-litre waste bin eases that stress for you. this is because of the size and style, it has wheels and a handle that makes disposing of easy. The intelligent waste ident-system allows you to track the amount of recyclable material you collect and optimize the waste collection schedule.

Our green 120-litre waste bin is durable and reliable, most of which are imported and we offer best sales here in Nigeria.  have a service life of 10 years and more Afterwards, they themselves will be recycled, so that the material, be it plastic or metal, can be re-used.

some other features of this bin include:

    •  Manufactured according to EN 840.
    • To be emptied by tipping over a toothed rim.
    •  Manufactured from new virgin material only.
    •  Resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals.
    •  Smooth-running casters with solid tyres.
    •  The flip-up cover keeps water out and foul odours in.
    •  it is also available in various colours.
    •  120 Litre capacity. Dimension: H1080xW595xD760 mm
    •  When its service life ends the complete containers can be recycled.
    •  Easily stackable, for economical transport & warehousing.
    •  Additional honeycomb reinforcing for high safety and long service life.
    • Ideal for many applications, eg: domestic,  Industry, catering, medical waste, recycling projects, gardening, etc.

Whether you need big or large waste bin for sale in Nigeria, the price of a garbage dustbin is dependent mostly on manufacturers quality of the refuse trash can. be sure to get a good buy at a small price, its even available for bulk buy.