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Front Desk Glass reception Table

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the elegance of this Glass reception Table 1.6m is really amazing. it is a combination of both steel and tempered glass .it is unique in its style,every reception and front office requires this because it is high and makes communication with guests easier.

Glass reception Table 1.6m has a compartment to keep files and other items away from prying eyes. it also comes with a mini drawer with a lock where sensitive documents and personal stuff can be kept safe.

it has rust-free chrome legs. it however does not come assembled, an installer can couple it for you or you can DIY with the manual within.


    • area of use;      front office or reception
    • weight;
    • measurement;  85 kg heavy,1.6meters wide
    • color;               black
    • material;          steel and glass
we deliver within and outside lagos. this is how to design a perfect front office reception area or hire an interior designer from eunicon interior to beautify your office space.
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