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foldable plastic reading table

foldable plastic reading table

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this simple foldable plastic reading table is a must have if you work from home because you can easily fold and get it out of the way. its simple and durable and also, because it comes in different colours it can fit perfectly into your space. its also good for outdoor spaces,used as mini dinning table ,in restaurants etc.

Product Name: Folding table

the Height is adjustable to meet your different height needs. its also made of High quality steel tube bracket for durability

Non-slip mats that won't scratch your floor

    • Style: modern minimalism
    • material: plastic
    • Plastic material: PVC
    • Bracket material: steel
    • Furniture structure: bracket structure

Additional features includes: folding

Whether it is assembled: yes

Color classification:  available in different colours

Bearing capacity: 150kg

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