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Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair

Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair

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This is one of the best quality product you can get. emel is constantly creating comfort in work spaces which in turn encourages productivity. whichever area at all you choose to use these chairs be certain to get utmost comfort from it.

this non-revolving chair has a great lumbar support which encourages a good sitting position and protects the back for long hours seating. it is non-revolving which makes it perfect for conference rooms, visitor sitting, and can also be used as staff chairs as well.

THIS IS EMEL executive CHAIR from the director series.

IT IS IDEAL FOR your OFFICE AND BUSINESS USE  because you can be sure it IS MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY leather.

IT IS DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE  to give you satisfaction and value for money.

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it is a simple, stylish and classy chair made of fine leather that simply requires zero maintenance effort.