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Executive Leather Visitor conference chair

Executive Leather Visitor conference chair

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Through extensive research on the movement of the human body, This pentagon office chair  designed to support our interactions with today's technologies. Eunicon chairs provide high performance, ergonomic solution for any office; intuitively responding to the movement of the body to provide comfort. The result is a complete global family of task and guest chairs that are as nice to look at as they are to sit on. Inspired by the movement of the human body.

some features of pentagon executive chair include;

  • Modern and solid construction
  • Executive Guest /conference Chair
  • Patterned seat and back upholstery
  • Cantilever sled base
  • Fixed metal arms with leather padding
  • Transitional Style
  • Black PU leather Seat Upholstery
  • Moulded seat and back frame
  • Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Chrome Sled Base

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