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whitehouse executive visitors office chair

Emel White House visitors chair

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Emel white house visitors/conference chair is comfortable, Sturdy, and Durable. these are some of the highlights Emel office chairs offer. Emel offers the full range of Office Chairs to select from including Reception chairs, Visitors chairs, Secretary chairs, Executive chairs, and also the Chairman category.

Emel Chairs are produced to international standards utilizing the highest quality of raw materials, the latest technology, and skilled manpower.

All these chairs, made locally in Nigeria, have been designed keeping in mind the ergonomic requirement for office work in addition to the time & type of work a person has to perform because Chairs are the most personal piece of furniture.

Buy Emel  White House conference Visitors Office Chair on our online furniture store to buy discounted office furniture. you can also get bulk purchases here, call for bulk orders or visit our physical address in Lagos Nigeria.

some features include;

  • Visitor chair complementing the white house series 

  • Cushioned backrest provides adequate lumbar support 

  • Curved & Padded armrest offer relaxed seating 

  • Flat square style base suitable for fixed seating  

  • requires assembly