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Emel Executive Luxo Chair

Emel Executive Luxo Chair

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emel executive luxo chair is a uniquely designed executive chair. it is revolving and reclynable because it offers maximum comfort in the work space.Through extensive research on the movement of the human body, EUNICON FURNITURE’S office chairs are designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies.
eunicon furnitur  provide chairs with high performance and  ergonomic solution for any office. it however intuitively responds to the movement of the body to provide comfort.
The result is a complete global family of task and guest chairs that are as nice to look at as they are to sit on.

Emel executive luxo chair has a twin exclusive armrest whic are lushly attractive and comfy. it also has a unique padded flap that provides integrated headrest .

the cushioning on this executive chair is especially made extra on the seat and backrest thats why the headrest offers greater comfort.

this unique piece also falls under our chairs with reclining facilties and locking functions.

be sure to have absolute comfort and peace of mind when you purchase any of our executive office furniture

area of use

  • office  space

  • home office

  • boardroomsand meeting rooms