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directors office chairs
Emel Director Chair
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Emel Director Chair

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emel director chair is a classic design from emel as the name implies ,its a chair for directors and executives. it is simple and classy it offers maximum comfort. it also offers adequate ergonomics because it is adjustable both heightwise and mobility wise. it is reclinable so as to help you relax while working. the roller and revolving nature of the director chairs makes working easy because you may not need to get up to pick up things close by.

some features of the emel director chair includes;

  • it has a padded armrest with elegant finish.
  • it also has an attractive checkered backrest design.
  • with an integrated headrest that offers great support.
  • it comes packaged in a carton,it requires assembly
  • it can be reclined to multiple reclining positions
  • it is also lockable when reclined.